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19th August 2018

ARIES: Today if someone’s comments annoy you, you could get sidetracked by criticizing their grammar or general demeanour instead of analysing what’s really bugged you. Give attention to your nearest and dearest. Heed the call of family and give what they ask.
TAURUS: Social aspects may require too much of your time. Travel plans to meet loved ones can be finalized. A financial gain is within your grasp if you focus in one direction. High spirits and anticipation in romance are highlighted. You shall have a marvellous time today.
GEMINI: There may be minor health problems and work or daily routines will not go as planned. You need to step back and take some time out for yourself. Perhaps something happened recently which you need to look at. Stars are creating tension with partners and close associates.
CANCER: You may have more invitations than you can possibly manage. You realize you have been kidding yourself about a close friend. This period is full of mental anxiety, it is a period when you will not be able to get the desired results. On the home front, however, all is well and makes you feel secure.
LEO: It’s a great day for communication, but don’t force issues where personal interests are concerned. A gruesome loudmouth spouts clashing ideas. Try not to take sides, and you may be offered a better position. A useful bargain turns up in the shops. Don’t miss the chance to reaffirm your love for your sweetheart.
VIRGO: There’ll be a few startling ideas and communications floating around. The trick will be to work out which ones are actually worth listening to. The price of living or doing things a certain way makes itself known. As the day wears on, things shift into a distinctly ’emotional and domestic’.
LIBRA: You will be expected to provide all the answers, so you should be on your toes but you have to put limits on what is being demanded of you. You have to make your colleagues realize that they need to do their share of work.
SCORPIO: Don’t rise to any emotional bait that’s offered: stay calm and you’ll stay in control of the situation. If the thought of a makeover really appeals, it’s time to hit the shops! But be careful while spending money. Don’t rise to any emotional bait that’s offered: stay calm and you’ll stay in control of the situation.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s one of those days when it’s awfully easy to get caught up in silly details and nit-picking problems that distract you from what you really should be concentrating on. The day starts on an upbeat note as you’re in sync with everybody, doing what needs to be done. However, as the day progresses the mood also changes.
CAPRICORN: Today is pointing towards your general well-being and asking if you’re taking as much care of yourself as you should. You may be preoccupied with responsibilities or obligations, but dealings with authorities or elderly people may take time and attention.
AQUARIUS: Ensure everything’s paid and up to date. Examine things to see where you could make the sort of economies that lead to good savings. Sometimes a fresh new look can be a great help make sure you’re not taking bad advice or allowing your legendary realism to desert you.
PISCES: Take care while driving today. Make sure your arrangements are flexible as they may need to be changed at the last minute or on the run. Don’t push ahead without checking the ground beneath your feet and be patient. There are some problems there and you need to deal with them. Your partner is not pleased.v