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19th April 2019

ARIES: Relationship and personal matters are highly emotional now, and if you allow yourself to observe what’s happening at this time, you may be able to come to a new understanding in a close personal relationship – either of yourself or someone special.
TAURUS: Emotions run high today, and health and work matters can be in high focus. You’re seeing a much brighter picture. This lunation might bring light to a spiritual or service-related matter.
GEMINI: You are opening your eyes to areas of your life that are not working to your benefit, and it’s a good time to begin making plans on how to change them. More revelations and realizations emerge now about love, creations, hobbies, pastimes, and those things and people bringing you the most joy.
CANCER: There are heightened emotions surrounding your career, reputation, and family life to deal with, and perhaps a related scurry of activity in these areas of life. Revelations along with powerful realizations about your personal life are likely, and there can be the final word on a matter that moves you forward.
LEO: Powerful realizations about your projects, studies, or ideas can figure strongly now. This can be a time for a significant culmination or the final word on a matter related to transportation or communications.
VIRGO: Today’s energies are strong for seeing a personal matter in a whole new light. Others may turn to you for insight and even healing now. There can be a settlement of money or attention to something that you owe now, but emotions today can just as well have to do with an intimate matter.
LIBRA: There is increased emotional excitement today, along with powerful realizations about your relationships, feelings, sense of autonomy, and emotional needs.
SCORPIO: It’s a time of learning about some of your deeper, buried feelings, as the pipeline to them is wide open right now. Previous hurts can come to light, and this makes them easier to heal. There can be a sudden, strong desire to sort things out on your own.
SAGITTARIUS: More social excitement along with powerful realizations about love and friendship are in store now. Emotions tend to rule over logic just for now. Allow yourself some freedom to express yourself, and to enjoy yourself.
CAPRICORN: Stifling situations and activities that restrict you simply will not be tolerated right now. Something comes to a head, and sudden awareness of a situation or your feelings on a matter are likely to occur, and these seem to get the ball rolling toward making significant changes.
AQUARIUS: Emotions run high now, and your life can feel a little chaotic temporarily. Keep in mind that what you perceive today is likely to be exaggerated. It can be challenging for you to concentrate on the more mundane or “normal” affairs of everyday life.
PISCES: Today, your emotions tend to run a little more deeply than usual, and you are geared to look for hidden layers and alternative motives rather than simply accepting life for what it is. On the level of finances, shares resources, and your intimate relationships, matters of trust can emerge.