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19th April 2018

ARIES: The right to fresh skills, originality in thought and techniques and in new ventures will be equally strongly asserted, and taken by you. Today you shall try to be just close to your loved one but passions shall arise
TAURUS: There will be an originality, sheer inventiveness, ingenuity on display in your handling of people and of contentious issuesYou are not at all demanding or critical but kind, just and considerate.
GEMINI: You shall strive to achieve success without clashes of personality, or showdowns, where hurt can be inflicted and received. There will be both success and content for you now.
CANCER: Stars shall be on your side and you shall get whatever you desire. All the material resources shall be in plenty and you shall be seeing the world though rose tinted glasses.You shall feel as if you have been made for each other and a perfect team spirit shall prevail. The future shall look really rosy.
LEO: You will chase after that which is unknown, esoteric and mysterious and try to know it. New investments and ventures shall bring favorable results. Trying some thing new with the help of your trusted people shall be very rewarding.
VIRGO: Today you shall be in a position to both command and demand your due recognition, rewards, respect glorious R’s, all of them! A very good relationship shall develop between the two of you. Domestic happiness is indicated for you.
LIBRA: Routine arrangements have a nasty habit of going haywire today. While traveling you should take extra care with credit cards and important documents.
SCORPIO: Something that you can usually do with your eyes closed may become an unexpected problem, or a well-tried system may break down for no good reason. The atmosphere between you and your other half could be more fraught than usual because you need to adjust to one another’s current moods.
SAGITTARIUS: Today there shall be a passionate quest for the occult, the metaphysical, tantra, mantra, arcane ceremonies that come from hidden knowledge.Right now your contracts could take concrete shape and lead to equally concrete gains and advancement.
CAPRICORN: There is no room for doubts and despair. You are aware of both your rights and your duties and want both in equal measure. Today you shall be making investments that will yield profit and gain in the future.
AQUARIUS: Information, ideas, opinions will be exchanged with like-mined people who share your interest. A passionate lose affair, if you’re single, or passion and intensity in marriage, if you’re already in a state of wedded bliss! You will experience it, and understand.
PISCES: Many things come to you now, but all centered on you rather than your professional self.It is a day for shopping to your heart’s content but be careful lest you bring things of which you find little use late.