Monday, April 15, 2024

19-yr-old woman raising daughter alone since lockdown

Tuensang, August 10: Shifa Begum (19) has been raising her now 12 months old daughter alone in Tuensang since her husband was stranded in Assam due to the lockdown.
Her husband left for Assam on March 15, leaving behind his young wife and daughter in a rented home.
For Begum, life has been very difficult since she has to take care of the house, the baby and her health all by herself. Her husband returned from Assam on July 23 but has been kept in institutional quarantine since then.
“I don’t understand why they are not sending back my husband. Today is the 19th day of his quarantine. Aren’t they supposed to keep him there only for 14 day?” the young mother questioned, confused and scared.
Strange to the town and people of Tuensang, Begum who only came to the town only a couple of years ago after her marriage, has been struggling to take care of her house and child without anyone to help.
“It is very difficult. I am tired.” she stated. (Page News Service)