Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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19 October 2020

ARIES: There can be much to enjoy with your work, chores, or a special project now. You’re enjoying a little more optimism about your career or overall life direction or positive feedback. You’re inclined to want to take action on a matter rather than hold onto it, which can mean talking through a problem or releasing pent-up worries or frustrations.
TAURUS: You’re inclined to enjoy expressing yourself and standing out for what you do these days. Your personal appeal is very strong today, although a direct route to your desires may not be available for the time being.
GEMINI: You could enjoy breaking through walls or taboos, or exploring a topic more thoroughly today. Releasing or sharing a burden can be rewarding. You feel good putting your time and energy into the things and places you love. You’re ready to take steps to improve a situation.
CANCER: You’re in good shape for learning more about someone special in your life, or for enjoying and appreciating a connection. You might discover different and possibly more satisfying ways to express yourself, perhaps through some conflict or mishap. You want to grow a project, personal writings, or a connection.
LEO: Learning a skill or sharing a chore can be in focus and a happy diversion today. A new method of getting things done can be useful, and you’re motivated to make your daily life better. This can also be a time for seeing a previously frustrating situation in a better light.
VIRGO: Today’s energies are complicated but creative. Your personal appeal is strong-attention turns to your gracious and attractive qualities. You’re expressing yourself playfully. Finding a new passion, interest, hobby, or love may be in focus. Others may especially enjoy being around you, although there could be some off timing.
LIBRA: Bringing an open mind and heart to your close personal relationships can have its rewards today, even though there can be some misunderstandings. You may be learning more about yourself, your heart, and the people closest to you.
SCORPIO: You can enjoy good conversations, or you might hear something that truly benefits you today. You’re regaining your motivation and optimism, although perhaps a little too quickly. You might brainstorm, collaborate, or share ideas and plans, perhaps making them better or simply enjoying the process.
SAGITTARIUS: Something can clear in your path today, particularly related to work or money. Or, a better understanding of a situation can help you move on and boost your confidence. Improvement and moving on are in focus!
CAPRICORN: Sharing ideas and experiences with others can be fulfilling. There can be a strong desire to get on with things but an equally compelling need to stick to what you know. Listen to your instincts, but perhaps wait to act upon them if any part of you is hesitant.
AQUARIUS: A pleasant surprise or coincidence may be part of your day, bringing a little extra fun and joy to your world. Letting go of the negative energy of mistrust can be therapeutic. Extending help or support may be in focus, and it’s rewarding.
PISCES: Connecting can be rewarding, although a bit complicated today. You might look to a past dream, goal, or plan and consider whether it may benefit from a revival. Collaborating or partnering up can be very productive.