19 January 2020


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ARIES: Quietly go over your accounts and make sure that you’re clear on who is owed what and when. It’s preferable not to have any debts outstanding right now as this could cause of arguments. You’re also more likely to spend money impulsively so think things through carefully before committing especially on the big-ticket items.
TAURUS: Matters associated with government attract your attention today if only because there’s some confusion surrounding a particular matter. This may even relate to overdue paperwork as relating to taxation, annuities, superannuation etc.
GEMINI: There is a high degree of excitability surrounding your creative and amorous pursuits. At the drop of a hat, you may wish to involve yourself in some sort of fun entertainment, whether alone or with friends. It’s good to see that Saturn has a hand in this bubbly energy that surrounds you today because this means you’re able to keep a practical lid on your effusive behaviour.
CANCER: Your competence may challenge someone and this is something you need to deal with. Try to encourage them in their own work or activity. You need to satisfy superiors by looking at details’ even though the devil is in there somewhere.
LEO: You are extremely competitive now but could it be that you’re directing the competitive instinct to others rather than yourself? Looking at your current standards these planetary transits demand that you compete with yourself rather than the person next to you.
VIRGO: You have to re-route your disciplinary instincts today to have some fun. Change your routine for a day or so because it allows you to see things from a different perspective. You feel as if you’re not being noticed enough. Your popularity and reputation are good enough, so don’t worry.
LIBRA: Don’t be too clever in your communications as you could get yourself twisted in knots trying to explain yourself to less intelligent people. You could be trying to impress others with your know-how, only to find yourself bogged down in more questions than answers.
SCORPIO: You may meet with an immovable obstacle, delay or difficulty in your discipline now. You can get together with an older, serious and introverted person. This could be tied in with hindrances, problems or some sort of cancellation associated with your profession and career activities.
SAGITTARIUS: You may need to do something out of the ordinary if you possibly re going to win the approval of others. You need to step outside the normal channels to prove your point. Your defences are a little weaker than usual, and you may find yourself accepting the easy road for the time being.
CAPRICORN: There may be an opportunity to connect with a group of people, perhaps those from your past as part of a group reunion or even a family get-together which brings together friends and family. This is a wonderful time to mix with others, extend your network of friends and enjoy life especially with the added benefit of Jupiter’s benign influence.
AQUARIUS: It is a great time for teamwork. This could, however, bring up some negativity, including disagreements with co-workers especially if they feel you’re gazumping them. Your imagination is aroused and you have artistic and even romantic fantasies that you need to explore.
PISCES: Take a short break from your work if irritating people overcrowd you. You’ll come back refreshed with new insights. You may hear some tantalising news through a friend but don’t be the one to spread that gossip any further. Secretiveness is your keyword.