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18th October 2019

ARIES: Your moods may vary from one extreme to another, creating emotional upheavals. You have to personally deal with the general public. This may be particularly notable with friends who are not reacting the way you would expect.
TAURUS: Be prepared to change your mind or simply turn your back on an unsatisfactory arrangement if it doesn’t feel right. Your life directions need not be cast in cement. Being flexible now will allow you to flow with new opportunities that are coming your way but which would otherwise be discarded because of your submerged fears and insecurities.
GEMINI: This is an important time to reconsider your long-term goals. You’ll use this time to do a serious assessment of your situation with an eye towards the future. This is a positive time to make a commitment to education or training to grow professionally.
CANCER: A friend could feel that you’ve been a little too serious about what’s said in conversation. A joke or offhand comment may not go down too well with you but you’re probably projecting your own sensitivity or inadequacies at the moment.
LEO: Getting your feelings out into the open may seem so easy today that you probably won’t bother, but you should. You have to practice the art of connecting with others. The planets support you in expressing yourself and also encouraging others to express themselves in the name of better relationships.
VIRGO: Your self-confidence can be shaken by someone who challenges your viewpoint. A minor confrontation can make you shy away from expressing your true feelings for fear of hurt and rejection. Individuals whom you depend upon for support and acceptance may have too much say in your life at this time.
LIBRA: You have a preference for being alone so don’t feel as if you have to make excuses for being a recluse. Friends, some of them from years back may be disappearing now and you’ll start to realise that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever.
SCORPIO: You may find yourself working on a task that requires absolute concentration without anyone else’s interference. Applying some spiritual or philosophical knowledge to your vocational interests will also be of interest to you during this cycle.
SAGITTARIUS: Your imagination is excellent today but probably not all that well grounded. Bridge the impossible with practicality and you will find the perfect balance. The world seems a much nicer place today. By focusing on the positive, you will be able to achieve a better state of mind and greater success.
CAPRICORN: You have excellent communication skills today and any form of lecturing, advertising or marketing is right up your alley. Use this power to your advantage but be careful not to exaggerate your claims as people see through this.
AQUARIUS: You have an intuitive grasp of a situation but may not be able to explain how you have come to your conclusions. People don’t need to know. You have every opportunity to achieve excellent results at work. But be honest with yourself you’re trying just a little too hard, and this could be annoying others.
PISCES: Your creative skills are needed to bridge the gap between friends who aren’t seeing eye to eye. These problems have a financial undertone. You are full of energy, and someone may inspire you to reorganise different aspects of your life.