18th November 2019


ARIES: Misleading information aside, the day holds good-natured energy for creating and personal enjoyment. Your dreams and plans can be very grand today. Let your imagination go, keeping in mind that the finer details may need attention later. While you may not want to stir up past matters, it can be cleansing to do so with some willingness to grow and move beyond problem areas.
TAURUS: There can be some challenges coordinating or balancing your sense of independence with others. Avoid snap decisions, and consider that saying too much or overstating can be problematic. What you tend to say today may not accurately reflect what you genuinely want and need.
GEMINI: There may be a sidetracking or delayed situation on the job, or a minor health matter that interferes with productivity today. Fortunately, a positive attitude and the determination to not let the little things get you down saves the day. Regarding work or chores, you might feel you can take on a lot, but keep in mind that energy and time may not match your current optimistic outlook.
CANCER: There is a tendency for both restlessness and overestimation. You might communicate something, likely very positive but perhaps exaggerated, and this can lead to complications down the road. Try not to count on unrealistic plans, but do stretch your mind and entertain bigger ideas and plans.
LEO: The tendency is to exaggerate and overstate your feelings, but this, too, can get you into tricky territory. There may be extra sizzle in a love relationship now, especially on a mental level. Communications can be spicy, exciting, and motivating nevertheless, and it makes more sense to enjoy the moment than to rush into something.
VIRGO: Your responses to others are generous today, and while this is wonderful on some levels, the general tendency is to overstate or exaggerate. It can happen quite sincerely when you’re in the moment, but it may be based on restlessness or an overestimation of your needs and capabilities.
LIBRA: There is a tendency to talk too much or too soon, and for your mind to wander. While some woolgathering is just fine, it might also be a form of procrastination when time might be better spent focusing on current practical needs. If you can tame these unproductive tendencies, the day can be highly useful for getting in touch with your goals.
SCORPIO: All signs point to things getting much clearer soon, but also to the strategy of waiting for this clarity to come to you before making any big moves! Today, watch for taking things too far, particularly when it comes to spending and indulging, but also regarding speaking too soon about a matter.
SAGITTARIUS: Dare to dream, but don’t overlook the “fine print” in the process. If you choose to help someone today, choose carefully, and avoid overcommitting. You may be misreading people just for now. You may have a keen interest in a new topic, and you can be excited about doing something new or something that pushes your usual boundaries.
CAPRICORN: You can be friendly and sincerely so right now, but you may not feel like following through or taking on new commitments later on, as energy and confidence seem on a sugar high–lifting high and then dropping suddenly. As such, be moderate with promises, or don’t make promises at all, remembering your limits.
AQUARIUS: Distractions aside, the day is good for enjoying yourself. It may be best to divide your time between public and private activities since there are a couple of aspects suggesting that it’s hard to pick and choose without feeling like you’re missing out.
PISCES: The key to handling the day is to be moderate, avoiding the tendency to go over the top. You can feel quite admired or respected in your work or formal settings, but a little torn in your personal life, and it can be challenging to accomplish all that you want to do now.