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18th May 2019

ARIES: The day is good for tying up loose ends and familiarizing yourself with a new environment. You can balance your budget if you spend a little time putting everything down on paper. A situation may arise when you have to step in and solve a personal affair for a friend.
TAURUS: This is the perfect day to start thinking about it. You’re in a very generous and warm-hearted mood, so you’ll enjoy writing out a list of all the presents you’ve got to buy. You might even get so enthusiastic that you have to rush out to the shops and start buying some gifts.
GEMINI: Your emotional state may leave you somewhat vulnerable in domestic matters, But misunderstandings cannot be resolved easily. Try not to fret too much; at least you will discover who your real friends are now. Your close friends lend their appreciation and support.
CANCER: You may have to cancel some of your scheduled plans in order to accommodate an urgent issue. The situation could get worse if you don’t look for a favourable compromise soon. Don’t ruffle the feathers of someone influential in your field.
LEO: This isn’t the easiest of days, so take care. Maybe a loved one is being remote or unfriendly, or you feel completely flat when something that you were looking forward to is cancelled. Do your best to remain upbeat and positive, otherwise every tiny snag will seem like a massive catastrophe.
VIRGO: Today! You’re totally enamored of a certain person and can’t think about much else. It’s wonderful to be floating on cloud nine like this, provided that the object of your affections is worthy of your admiration and love.
LIBRA: You need to know today exactly what the situation requires, or work will prove more difficult. Don’t burn the midnight oil fussing with additional changes. Mistakes you overlooked in the past can now be discovered and misunderstandings begin to clear up.
SCORPIO: Recent endeavours should now begin to pay off. Make sure you listen carefully to what others have to say. There may be far more benefit than you imagine. Sudden changes appear regarding a deal or a commitment that will puzzle you very much.
SAGITTARIUS: You may find yourself in a difficult situation at work and the chances for progress may be damaged due to miscommunication. Take immediate action if you wish to avoid negative consequences. A long time friend could help you out with money matters.
CAPRICORN: Official work should bring you new contacts and one of them might catch your particular interest, as career and financial concerns move into high gear. Tension may be building between you and an associate. Why not look for some positive outlets for your extra energy?
AQUARIUS: You may want to create a situation that allows you to express your intentions clearly. Travel could be on your agenda.A fairly routine day that should enable you to accomplish a bit more than the usual. Discussions with an established individual helps you find a missing clue.
PISCES: If you’re confident of taking control with almost every aspect of life, there are still a few difficult questions left to answer. You need to distance yourself from those who have been leaning on you too much. Expect a last minute hustle and bustle even though you’ve done your homework.