18th March 2020


ARIES: Approval seems to come more naturally than usual. Your awareness of your reputation or status of a situation tends to motivate you to do your best. It’s a good time for the feeling that you’ve accomplished something worthwhile, or that you want to do something significant.
TAURUS: You seem to be at your best if your activities allow you the chance for spontaneity. The feedback you receive from others tends to jumpstart your thinking processes. You’re focusing on the positive and uplifting elements of your life.
GEMINI: You more readily make meaningful connections that allow you to solve problems and discover reasons and motivations. The emphasis today is on emotions, close ties, dreams, and your inner world.
CANCER: This is a great day for working with what (or who) inspires you and gives you energy. You’re gravitating to people who are cooperative and helpful. While you may not be entirely in sync, you’re likely to enjoy the company of others and a healthy rapport. Your social life improves, and your interests grow.
LEO: There is good energy with you for in-depth study and work or health activities. Doing a little research can be particularly useful. The energies of the day promote good feelings about being productive, bringing more order into your home life, and attending to your resources.
VIRGO: You are especially confident in expressing yourself now, and your relationships benefit from extra attention to them. Others feel exceptionally comfortable in your presence. Pairing up to accomplish something productive can be quite successful. Committing feels good.
LIBRA: You’re seeking and probably finding emotional replenishment so that pacing yourself makes sense. This puts you in a more patient frame of mind for solving problems. Efforts toward self-development and laying the groundwork for future success can be especially favorable now.
SCORPIO: Sharing your expertise or directly lending a hand can be in focus and satisfying. Committing to something feels right. With this mood, it’s easier than usual to put aside problems and accept responsibilities. You might also enjoy exploring different ideas or catching up on the news.
SAGITTARIUS: You might be paying more attention to your favorite personal possessions, taking care of business, or getting comfortable today, dear Sagittarius. At the same time, you’re feeling more responsible and embracing a new commitment. As you help and share, you naturally draw resources your way.
CAPRICORN: You’re in fine shape for sorting through information and applying your knowledge today, dear Capricorn. Going the extra mile for someone can be rewarding. The focus is on effort and reliability. Doing the responsible thing feels great, and you believe in yourself and your endeavors.
AQUARIUS: You feel more comfortable with your feelings, and you’re feeling quite ambitious about bettering yourself and your life in small but satisfying ways. You’re likely to feel grounded and enjoy focusing on getting things in order. Having a commitment or plan feels more rewarding than usual.
PISCES: You attract pleasant attention today. At the same time, you tend to gravitate toward empowering activities that improve and strengthen your life and your future. You are interested in planning and ordering your life, preparing for the future in meaningful ways.