Friday, June 18, 2021
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18th March 2019

ARIES: This is a good time for giving some thought to which activities may be true priorities in your life after which you’re in a better position to decide to cut out the extras, even just for the time being while you rebuild your resolve.
TAURUS: You may be too close to a problem this morning and you may very well discover that the only way to resolve it is to pull back from it to gain perspective.
GEMINI: In the first half of the day, you could find yourself a bit tense or in a situation of having too many balls up in the air or perhaps more likely, too much information.
CANCER: There can be some tension related to work, business, or money this morning and this can interfere with your desire to socialize and enjoy more easygoing themes.
LEO: You’re seeking balance and equality these days but another part of you is more concerned with how deep a connection is than the surface dynamics of your relationships.
VIRGO: These days, you can be especially motivated to keep the peace and promote harmony in your personal life and close relationships but you’re also taking much pleasure in your work or duties, and it can be difficult giving everything and everyone their due attention.
LIBRA: It can be challenging to know what to do with yourself, or to figure out your next step. While this is a good time for enjoying friends and groups overall, today you could be feeling that people are not as reliable or committed as you’d like.
SCORPIO: While the morning can feel a little rocky, as you may be slightly off your game and not feeling very understood as the day advances, you begin to feel detached enough to enjoy yourself more.
SAGITTARIUS: Chances to explore new ways of communicating your ideas and thoughts can emerge now and it’s exciting, even if these arise from a problem, delay, or setback.
CAPRICORN: Your resourceful nature is in the spotlight and can be put to full use. There can be some difficulty keeping your good humor this morning, though, as there is a real tendency to obsess over problem areas.
AQUARIUS: When you’re feeling the self-discipline these days, you’re thriving, and this energy helps you to get back on track.
PISCES: Problem areas related to overdoing can be in focus today, but as the day advances, there is a tendency to open up to more positive thoughts. Perhaps ironically, it’s more about narrowing your focus that gets you into a better mood.