18th July 2019


ARIES: Today is good for getting to a better place of calm. Relationships can be strengthened or attracted, and if you need to forgive or get past problem areas, you may very well get the chance to do so now.
TAURUS: Today is good for relating, connecting, and expressing yourself in unusual and satisfying ways, even with Mercury still retrograde and perhaps causing some minor disconnects.
GEMINI: Today brings hopeful and positive energy to your outlook, particularly through conversation with a special person or significant other in your life. Despite some tendency to take on too much, you’re enjoying the natural flow of ideas today, and reaching out brings rewards.
CANCER: You could easily find yourself dreaming of beautiful things and places. Opportunities for cooperation and shared happiness seem more evident with your current mood. Your compassion meters go way up, making it a great time to forgive and heal.
LEO: You may choose to unburden or share a problem, and this can be relieving and healing. You especially enjoy helping and facilitating others in positive ways.
VIRGO: Friends and partners harmonize well now, or there is a hopeful spirit of friendship in a partnership. The conviction that inner needs are as important as outer needs, if not more, gives you the chance to see overlooked possibilities.
LIBRA: Feeling comfortable, at ease, and content can attract good things to you. Today’s influences boost your charm, particularly with the public or in professional settings. You may have a “hard to get” quality that is appealing.
SCORPIO: Today is good for giving particular thought to money, work, health, and habits, and for making plans to take special care of these areas of your life. Your mind is fertile and resourceful, although you’re given to taking on a little more than is good for you.
SAGITTARIUS: Good energy is with you today for feeling loved and giving love, even with a communication disconnect possible this morning. Alternatively, you may be getting to a place of calm or understanding on a matter, and this feels great.
CAPRICORN: You might enjoy psychic rapport with someone special or come to a happy understanding of a situation. There can be a pleasant feeling of growth or improvement in a relationship or with personal interests, studies, and learning.
AQUARIUS: Bonding with others or enjoying a mood boost stemming from acceptance and understanding can figure strongly today. You’re also in good shape for intuition and imagination applied to practical matters.
PISCES: Boundaries between you and others tend to soften, and bonds can strengthen in the process. You might fully enjoy creating something special. Love and affection feel a little more natural to give and receive.