18th July 2018


ARIES: There will be the easy flow of cash . You will be spending a lot of money but fortunately your income will balance the expenditure. Avoid lending and borrowing. You will feel renewed energy levels in you. Try to eat green vegetables and salads and you shall stay well.
TAURUS: You are lucky with finances,material and legal aspects. Financial matters are settled according to your wishes, which relieve financial tension and anxiety. You may have to face some rivalry but diplomatic handling of the situations is needed – let the other party call the shots .It certainly gives you more room to manoeuvre.
GEMINI: Mental stress and anxiety should be avoided or you could manifest a health problem .A light ,playful attitude is recommended as you tend to get heavy and serious about most things.There is inner transformation bringing changes in values, priorities and attitudes that affect your personal relationships.
CANCER: You shall derive rewards for your efforts. Things will move smoothly and in a favourably for those in job. Colleagues will be very supportive. Avoid being stubborn and pay heed to what others say. Use your creative ideas as they will be of great help.
LEO: You may be tempted to blow your budget by splurging on a luxury. Finances and material effects need to be evaluated and preserved. You are kind and indulgent towards friends but beware lest they take advantage of your generous nature.
VIRGO: This is a time when income shall increase you may find small sources of income adding to your purse these have the ability to increase over time so take care. Try to tuck away some cash so that it can be used later.
LIBRA: Material prosperity and wealth is gained through professional ventures. Income shall be high but so shall be expenses.Mental stress can manifest health problems ,be aware. A balanced diet , regular exercise and a calm positive outlook can keep you on track and in good health.
SCORPIO: You are able to juggle with finances and available assets to achieve important professional goals.You are able to resolve conflicts in professional situations and bring about balance and harmony therein.You can expect friends and family to support you with love and goodwill.
SAGITTARIUS: You shall enjoy good finances but beware of a shopping spree which can send your budget aflutterHealth Problems may arise if you ignore warnings and forget to maintain balance in all aspects of life .You tend to over indulge in food ,drink ,work,sleep or emotion
CAPRICORN: The present configuration of planets is very favourable for you. A sudden increase in income is expected .Expectations of gains through speculative activities are very strong.Your mind is open and receptive to new ideas and people. You are likely to be involved in hectic activity but need to avoid mental stress.
AQUARIUS: You gain from material and earthy aspects. You shall be in an exrevagant mood .Health and physical energy are good but you need to take frequent breaks .You should spend time in natural surroundings while experiencing beauty and relaxation.
PISCES: Today money shall not be a problem and you will get relief from your money related problems as your held up payments shall be released .Though you will be medically fit but some un understandable pains and sleeplessness shall create restlessness in you.