18th February 2020


ARIES: Venus is your finance ruler. It’s now in your Sun sign. You need to give more attention to your commercial affairs. Some quick thinking on your part will open doors you hadn’t considered. This is because you’re seeing things more clearly than usual.
TAURUS: If you’re intuitive, you needn’t churn your grey matter. Rely on your hunches, as they will be on point right now. Change your routine for a day or so, to give you room to breathe. You need a different perspective while you are revamping your plans.
GEMINI: The Moon and Mars influence your negotiations today. Financial contracts, or agreements, are floating to the top of your to-do list. How you transact with others will be very telling on the outcome of your financial status.
CANCER: Issues of responsibility arise in connection to your relationships, particularly your marriage, or long-term partnership. You have some drama to deal with. It could be related to a third-party or a mutual friend. You don’t want to be seen to be playing favourites, but both sides are demanding more attention.
LEO: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn continue to influence your work activities. Before you strike out at anyone or anything, you should regroup your energies. This is particularly your focus at this time. It’s important to determine precisely what you want, rather than having too many irons in the fire.
VIRGO: If you keep postponing what needs to be done at home, those domestic chores will never get done. It’s probably a good idea to allocate a large slab of time to get this out of the road. Hoarding, increased clutter and emotionally holding on to things, is subtly obstructing your success.
LIBRA: While the Moon transits your third house, it’s challenged by Neptune. You have to do your part to improve your communications skills. You may be sitting back waiting for others to come up with interesting and novel topics. Extend your mental horizons.
SCORPIO: There’s a possibility of renewed emotional feelings as you develop a bond with a new person. Your excitement level is high, but it’s best to wait before sharing this with all and sundry. Being gracious in the face of ridicule or arrogance is a test for you at this time as well.
SAGITTARIUS: Although the Moon creates changeable scenarios financially, you’re feeling more optimistic than usual about your monetary situation. Your investment in property or work around your home, has also now taken a turn for the better.
CAPRICORN: This will be an enjoyable period. This isn’t necessarily because you’ll be any less busy or doing more entertaining things. It’s because you feel more relaxed and appreciative of your current circumstances. For some reason, you’re also feeling better about yourself emotionally.
AQUARIUS: An emotional upheaval occurs during this timeframe and results in a major change of direction. You have to reverse your attitude. You should look to the good that will come out of this. It’s a good idea to think about what you have, rather than what you lack, or have lost.
PISCES: Mercury and Neptune are lifting your vision to a new level. You see, practically, the power of your positive thinking. Your dreams are now starting to materialise. Fortunately, you’ve been able to keep a lid on your plans and what you’ve been up to.