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18th February 2019

ARIES: You’ll have a lucky day in romantic matters as well as any international dealings you may encounter.It’s a fortunate day for travel.If you’re thinking of planning a trip, now is the time.
TAURUS: Slow and steady wins the race. This energy makes you more aware than ever that in order to make a dream come true, you must build a solid foundation first.
GEMINI: A light-hearted meeting may turn into something much more serious. Follow your instincts when dealing with matters of the heart.
CANCER: Today, only the most important work is likely to be completed, but in the field of romance, an enchanting and exotic atmosphere promises to ignite your desires.
LEO: A rather intrusive day, so guard your privacy and get ready to handle a heavy workload. This is a good time for turning over a new leaf where money matters are concerned.
VIRGO: Today you feel a bit more enthusiastic, Money- wise, you could feel the pinch, but spending on entertainment and social obligations just seem so unavoidable. Too many things may be playing in your mind at once.
LIBRA: Today is a day of limitation and delay. You don’t like answering to authority since you tend to believe you should be the one always running things. Today, you have no choice.
SCORPIO: You may feel challenged at work, but socially this should be a time of popularity. You’ll easily find the information you need, but there is greater chance that someone may tell you only one side of a story and not the real facts. It’s a great time to celebrate with your sweetheart.
SAGITTARIUS: Those waiting for approval from authority may find that things are delayed. Use your insight for guidance, as you may have to put off a major decision. Lay the foundations of a new way of getting on with difficult people at work.
CAPRICORN: Today is a universally lucky day. In your case, it will be felt strongly in your romantic life. If you’re single this could be the day you meet someone extra special.
AQUARIUS: Today might be a particularly emotional day for you. It seems as though you are frustrate over something you cannot yet reveal. Perhaps you are not even conscious of what makes you angry.
PISCES: Today, Environment at work place will be inspiring .You will take decisions at the spur of the moment and they will turn out to be appropriate .You suddenly find nothing wrong in seeking wild possibilities where romance is concerned.