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18 September 2020

ARIES: You have the opportunity to release yourself from all past guilt and transgressions now. You also meet others who have an open and forgiving attitude. It all starts with a forgiving attitude to yourself. This helps you trust in yourself more deeply and to align your desires with a higher purpose.

TAURUS: You need to stir your spirit. It’s time to push forward in your romantic endeavours but you must take the initiative. Romance is in the air once again and you’ll want to emotionally reach out to someone. You feel that they understand your feelings. This could be the start of a new relationship.

GEMINI: You feel inadequate but it’s your own doing and not based in reality. Hold your head up, be confident and you’ll attract something special. Friends turn into enemies and vice versa today. This might confuse you. You may need to go back and redefine what friendship means to you.

CANCER: Your family is relying too much on you. If it’s money they want you’re going to get caught out. Throw the responsibility back on them. The planets create some stagnation concerning your professional affairs.

LEO: Working through family relationships is an important component of finding peace of mind. If you’re in a relationship or have recently met someone new it’s a delicate balancing act getting them to accept your view of things. Once again, it is best not to argue a point.

VIRGO: It’s helpful to take greater responsibility towards the relationships. You know that letting go one or more of these relationships over and ego clash is a mistake. You’re going to be the one short-changing yourself. Check contracts and agreements while you’re at it.

LIBRA: You struggle with an unpalatable decision now. Don’t allow others to push you into making any premature choices. Finances take a turn for the better, however. Additional sources of income are welcome right now. You must also continue to save a little extra however for that rainy day.

SCORPIO: You find your personal desires are at odds with the plans of a friend or family member. Bite the bullet and compromise. It’s best to avoid stepping on toes. Find a balance that works for you. In other areas of life, it’s a good time to indulge a little and enjoy some time out.

SAGITTARIUS: If you find yourself in a sticky situation it’s because you’ve been too impulsive judging someone’s character. Take a little more time before hastily committing to anyone, even if the offer sounds too good to resist. On a work note, your boss may stick you with extra work.

CAPRICORN: Your friendships are under the hammer now. It’s best to sidestep power plays you see on the horizon. Politics don’t only happen in government or at work but even at home. That takes place when you’re dealing with people who are trying to dominate the situation, usually through underhanded tactics.

AQUARIUS: Unexpected obstacles appear during this cycle. That means feeling frustrating in your ambitions. This will try your patience. You have doubts as to whether you should continue with some plan or whether to ditch them. It calls for a serious reconsideration of your values, goals, and aspirations.

PISCES: Co-operation and mutual support in business and career-related are strong. You’ll also find that peace and collaboration are established between you and others who are at odds with you. Legal matters, involvement with government or large organizations work out favourably now.