18 January 2020


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ARIES: A sudden infatuation is likely to end just as quickly as it starts. This is may in some way be connected with professional activities. Could this be a workplace romance? It’s possible if you’re single, but precarious if you’re otherwise attached.
TAURUS: Although your work seems set to reach a new plateau, you need to harness your energies at present and also not, let your health or that of someone else become an obstacle to greater achievements. Listen to your body signals and have that check-up to reduce your worry if nothing else.
GEMINI: Protecting what is yours will be your first and best reaction but you may have to learn to do it while carrying on business as usual. Remember however that some things arent yours -take for example your work, the position youve been given by a company or an employer.
CANCER: There is a kind of electric, high-speed, erratic energy in the atmosphere between you and others today. You may suddenly know what the other person is about to say – and interject something before they have a chance to say it.
LEO: You can come up with ingenious ways to bypass issues with friends. You’ve worked hard to effectively use your creativity to dig yourself out of an emotional ditch. It’s important to talk with financial advisors as this will restore your confidence because you’ll know exactly what the status quo is financial.
VIRGO: This is useful if you find yourself in the company of hostile people who need a quick dressing down. You’re also impressionable now so take care to study people before getting too close. Impulse is not what you need if a serious relationship is what you’re after.
LIBRA: You find solace by yourself in a bookstore at present. Quietly learning new things will appeal to you and this could even reveal some insights into how to better handle disputes with friends. A stronger commitment to your philosophy causes you to become more realistic and practical in your belief systems.
SCORPIO: At the moment you can deflect the attacks of others, and even use them to your own advantage. Any conflict which may arise will dissipate quickly when it’s realized that you’re not being provoked into acting immaturely. Keep this in mind and you will have smooth sailing.
SAGITTARIUS: Take things in your stride and don’t get angry over trifling matters. This is a time for liberating some of your potential creative capabilities that have been lying dormant. You should be breaking free from old habits, becoming much more spontaneous and lively.
CAPRICORN: You capture the interests of others today so don’t stop until you have a commitment. Half-hearted discussions without any call to action are a waste of time. There may be connections with hospitals, asylums or those who are in need, either materially or physically.
AQUARIUS: It’s time to allow your imagination to run free and stop feeling as if you have to pigeon hole yourself thinking the way others want you to. If you meet someone who holds you by the hand, step outside the square.
PISCES: Moments of romance and nostalgia are the sort of mental landscape being created by you to get through the next week or two. It’s your way of getting through deadlines and dramas currently. But it may not be quite as real as you’d like.