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17th September 2019

ARIES: You need to be open minded when listening to others’ viewpoints even if they don’t make sense, at first. You may gain information that’s useful to you. Paperwork could be bothering you and this has to do with shared finances and other tax or banking matters.
TAURUS: You’re tired of socialising and one-night stands if you are single. This could commence a period of romantic stability were more interested in meeting and connecting with someone of like mind and deeper philosophical residence.
GEMINI: You’ll mysteriously piece together some past incidents that you thought were totally unrelated. This will be the missing key to sorting out some issues in your work. Some project or creative endeavour that you’ve been bogged down in because of a mental or creative block finally be resolved much to your satisfaction.
CANCER: You’re concerned about your status and security during this current cycle but, by doing things methodically, you’ll come up with a clever solution. Don’t give up if the going gets a little hard and especially now when your creative impulses are strong and you can think outside the square.
LEO: Landing a job can have as much to do with good luck as it does with skills. Make sure you’re in the right place at the right time today but by the same token, don’t rely wholly and solely on lady luck to bring you that magical position with a big fat pay packet.
VIRGO: Divided loyalties of work versus family cause you angst but astrologically this a favourable time to negotiate these matters. Do so knowing that each has a better opportunity if a win-win situation as agreed upon.
LIBRA: Become more involved in your finances as an oversight can lead to problems. If you’re careful enough, however, things should go smoothly. This period will also present you with something exciting if you’re alert enough to recognize and seize the opportunity.
SCORPIO: Listen carefully to what’s being said around you because even though the lines of communication may contain a lot of static, literally and figuratively there is a deeper meaning to what is being said between the lines. Don’t spend undue amounts of time on people who aren’t going to be around much longer.
SAGITTARIUS: You could struggle with an unexpected decision concerning a family friend. You may have had your heart set on an event or some activity with them only to find that they’ve let you down. Don’t retaliate because it’s quite likely that in your heart of hearts you weren’t all that excited about going and being involved anyhow.
CAPRICORN: You’re thinking about making plans and being with friends but is anyone listening to what your version of a good time is? They may accuse you of ‘being off with the fairies’. Consultation may be necessary, but you don’t have the stomach to confront them on stylistic or social differences.
AQUARIUS: Work matters work out well now particularly where cooperation is required. Successful collaboration on a project, coordination with other agencies or companies and successfully reaching agreements on plans are likely to occur now.
PISCES: Don’t be at all afraid to confront any new responsibilities presented to you. This is a time when you’ll be tested to see how strong and resilient you are. Not only that, your performance will be instrumental in providing you improved professional circumstances.