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17th October 2019

ARIES: You’re likely to do something now based upon, impulsiveness and obstinacy to prove simply that you can do it. Do you want to go down that path? You may win the battle, but don’t forget if you’re in a war. You may ultimately lose that.
TAURUS: The earth and the environment have some power for you now so try to reconnect with nature. You need to avail yourself of connections with nature and people who are also environmentally aware. This is not an intellectual exercise.
GEMINI: You can pull your resources with a friend and consider a joint business venture. This could be a hobby or mutual interest. Don’t allow yourself too many surprises especially if you’re getting into a business venture that you haven’t investigated thoroughly enough.
CANCER: Forcing someone to love you is wrong! Subtlety and finesse is the only way you can entice someone if you’re interested in them. Say less, remain elusive and let your charm woo them. Playing the power broker will only alienate the very person you’re trying to attract now.
LEO: You have to remain neutral and not take sides today. Even though you feel partial to one person’s opinion or argument you must not be seen to be biased. Strife and conflicts will only be made worse by you siding with one or the other.
VIRGO: Showing what you can do can make you feel more confident, but it can also act as an example to others. You can shine as a leader today. This is an important time of the year and you need to meet the demands of life with a more open and less-resistant attitude.
LIBRA: You must make use of the important contacts you’ve come in touch with just now. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to weigh yourself down with additional responsibilities but connecting with those that can make things happen is useful when the timing is right – sometime in the future.
SCORPIO: Friendships can be electric at this time even though there may have been some perturbing developments of late. Better exciting than boring right? Maybe not. You could prefer a quiet one-on-one coffee to the thunder and lightning of group gossip and intrigues.
SAGITTARIUS: Problems related to work, legal affairs, or with educational or religious activities are likely. You need to develop a realistic and practical sense about your objectives. Try to use a more logical approach in your search for solutions.
CAPRICORN: Business or practical connections are prominent now and you may have dealings with older persons. Relationships formalise. Connections require responsibility and follow-through. Rules and regulations, separations and limitations are prevalent.
AQUARIUS: Karma is impeccable in its action. You’ll get what you deserve. The most important thing is to understand this law and work with it. There are controversial matters to deal with. This results in a conflict of interests.
PISCES: You can persuade anyone you choose today. Why not use it to make money by tying up deals, seeking out new opportunities and generally making the right connections in your career efforts. You have a brilliant streak mentally now and some of your ideas will be very novel and attractive to those who wish to part with some money.