Sunday, June 20, 2021
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17th October 2018

ARIES: No matter how busy you are today, take time out to connect with your mate, best friend or partner. Be sure to check on the people you most love and depend upon but watch out for those who are working against you!
TAURUS: Stars help you make a fresh start in important relationships. You may have difficulty accepting certain changes within yourself or someone you love. Some of you may also be in conflict with a parent; try to step back and see the great cycle of life.
GEMINI: Pressure begins to build as the outside world makes demands that take you away from your precious inner sanctuary; some of you will prefer staying home and avoiding social events today.
CANCER: Take a break right now. Do what you want to do, when you want to do it as much as possible today. Sometimes it’s necessary to be selfish.
LEO: Tell an important person in your life how much they mean to you today; sweet words spoken now will get you a lot of mileage in the future. Even discussing your frustrations will be easier, so don’t be afraid to ask for help or for advice.
VIRGO: Your reputation as being both resourceful and dependable has won many people over and a promotion or a raise is quite likely. If you are in business for yourself, this may be the day you finalise the big deal.
LIBRA: Business partnerships and significant relationships come under scrutiny today. Unpredictable influences rule the day, so stay on your toes. A competitor may be turning up the heat, so stay focused and ready to defend your ground.
SCORPIO: Stars create a great deal of stress in your life and it seems as though you can’t please anyone or do anything right. Take a few deep breaths and shut out irritating distractions. Focus on all that is good a beautiful in your life and these tense moments will pass swiftly.
SAGITTARIUS: This is a good time to help those less fortunate than you. No matter what you celebrate, consider making a donation to a charitable cause. Why not buy a present for a needy child? If you can’t spare the cash, give of your time and talent.
CAPRICORN: Some excitement is likely today and you may need to take cover at work. Keep a clear head and you might be able to save the day, as your special brand of diplomacy and tact are required. You may even find an unexpected raise or bonus coming your way.
AQUARIUS: Stars are placing more pressure on you to perform during the next two days. You may be forced to spend more time dealing with hidden or concealed issues than your supervisors care for.
PISCES: A close relationship could become even closer today if you play your cards right. All you have to do is be your usual loving, understanding and compassionate self. Easy, isn’t it?