17th March 2020

Last updated on: March 16, 2020 at 9:30 pm IST


ARIES: It’s a time for actively exploring your options and taking steps towards your larger goals. It may be a better time, generally speaking, to follow the rules and do what others expect of you than breaking out on a new path just for now. Still, within these bounds, you can do much.
TAURUS: You may be excited about helping people understand your point of view today. However, try not to push this too hard. You’re ready for a healthy debate, and you’re likely to make some fabulous points. You’re in an adventurous, spirited frame of mind, and this becomes you today.
GEMINI: You may be drawing up effective plans and solving problems quickly and expertly. If there has been inequality in a relationship, you are more likely to address this issue now. Intimate matters can also benefit from further attention.
CANCER: You can be eager to deal with inequalities, right a wrong, or explore an exciting activity. You might thoroughly enjoy drawing up plans and coming up with new ideas with a special someone. It’s also a strong day for bringing more creativity and your unique stamp to your work and projects.
LEO: You’re thinking in slightly bolder terms when it comes to your work, and you’re feeling keen and eager when it comes to taking better care of your health. There’s powerful energy for problem-solving in all areas, but especially in the areas of work and health.
VIRGO: Excellent energy is with you for creative pursuits of all kinds. Your sense of harmony and balance is powerful. It’s a great time to draw up a design or try a new hobby or form of entertainment. Today’s transits tend to enhance and support your personal plans and energy levels.
LIBRA: You are ready to go to bat for someone you care about. You’re likely to find opportunities to relax and bond with others through pleasant, restful activities. Domestic issues tend to override other concerns today. You are particularly sensitive to chaotic environments today, so be sure to surround yourself with positivity.
SCORPIO: There is great energy for solving problems, especially mechanical and learning or schooling ones. Others might appreciate and recognize you for your wise words or intelligence, or your words and gestures can boost someone up.
SAGITTARIUS: There is great energy with you for problem-solving with business, financial, and practical affairs today, dear Sagittarius. You’re ready to take on a challenge and to take action on matters, particularly if you have been feeling short-changed. Your resourcefulness is in full force now.
CAPRICORN: You may be turned to for advice, and your reasoning skills are excellent, particularly for new ventures. Making plans and designs can figure strongly now and can excite and motivate you. There can be fun social events, me-time outings, or interactive experiences that feed your need to be understood and acknowledged.
AQUARIUS: You can feel compelled to deal with a nagging problem today, dear Aquarius, and finally take care of it. There is strong healing energy accessible. You’re unlikely to accept poor conditions for yourself now, and you are ready to take decisive action.
PISCES: This can be a day for defending someone or an idea, dear Pisces, and feeling good about doing so. You might choose to work on building rapport with friends or a group connection, or you may gravitate toward taking the lead in a matter, going your own creative way, although considering others’ input as well. In any group situation, you are a leader today.