17th July 2019


ARIES: Responsibilities can feel particularly pressing. People may be criticizing more than supporting early today, so aim to make yourself happy first and foremost.
TAURUS: People you meet or news you read today can help point you in the direction of positive growth and change related to transportation, learning, and studies.
GEMINI: This is a generally good day for work and business, dear Gemini, although it may begin with some pressures. If an epiphany comes now, aim to view your discoveries from a practical angle and with as much detachment as possible.
CANCER: You could be guiding or steering someone in the right direction through the sharing of helpful information or advice. It’s a good day for public relations or simply for positive feedback.
LEO: You might connect with the right person or with your own intuition, helping you resolve long-standing problems that have been dragging you down. Efforts toward improving health, wellness, and energy levels can be worthwhile now.
VIRGO: A person’s encouragement can mean the world to you now. A friendship may feel more hopeful, and a relationship can benefit from improvements and refinements.
LIBRA: Today is good for creating, sharing, and enjoying yourself. You’re a little more playful, which is excellent energy after some tense or inhibited days. You’re likely to feel more positive, confident, active, and forward-focused.
SCORPIO: There is more openness in your connections with others right now, and you can be particularly effective at teaching, guiding, and sharing ideas. Someone may be opening up to your ideas and your unique outlook or helps to boost your self-image.
SAGITTARIUS: This is a good time to make contacts who contribute something valuable to your life. You may be able to draw upon resources you never knew you had. New ways of relating can be pleasurable.
CAPRICORN: You are looking to feel alive, vital, and vibrant through other people or relationships. You are especially attractive to others now, and you could have the opportunity to show yourself in the best light.
AQUARIUS: You may be recognizing the need to let go of something or to make changes in existing projects so that you can move forward. Your intuition or someone can help you further your work or health interests today.
PISCES: Connections can be made that promote your interests, and especially the more heartfelt ones, whether they’re for work or play. Ideally, the last few days have brought you into closer touch with your expectations in your relationships, even if this was a tricky process.