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17th February 2019

ARIES: You’re especially willing to explore new ideas, and you are wonderfully hopeful and future-minded. Feeling less inhibited is one of the best gifts that the Uranus transit of your sign in recent years has offered you, and it’s in the spotlight today.
TAURUS: It may seem that you have a lot on your plate, but you’re managing things expertly now! Your instincts for making changes and improvements are excellent today, and you can make some advances related to your career or professional interests and long-term goals.
GEMINI: You are more in tune with your desire for new experience, learning, and excitement, and friends can figure strongly in connection with these things. Courses, studies, networking, teamwork, group associations, and publishing opportunities can be areas of improvement or inspiration.
CANCER: This way, you can arrive at new perspectives or methods for approaching an old problem. It’s likely to be an excellent day for money and career matters, possibly with surprising new developments in these areas. The Moon leaves your sign today, and this helps settle your feelings.
LEO: Your curiosity and willingness to explore can lead you to interesting places now, and aligning yourself with others who are progressive, adventurous, and forward-looking can be very beneficial. Mind-opening experiences and exciting revelations are in the pipeline now.
VIRGO: You might uncover answers or information that gives you a gentle nudge forward. This is a time for entertaining ideas you may not think up on another day and having some fun with it. Enjoy the positive vibes that may very well lead to small breakthroughs in your work or intimate life.
LIBRA: Certain areas of your life are far more pleasurable if you allow them some room to breathe and let go of the need to control things as the Sun and Uranus form a harmonious aspect. The Moon moves into your social sector, and emotions are stronger related to friendship.
SCORPIO: You’re adding some extra spice to your home life and your work or routines with nice results and rewards. Extra room for creativity and experimentation can be great fun, and can boost your productivity as well. Forgiving others is a gift to yourself now, but so is recognizing and accepting limitations.
SAGITTARIUS: You’re feeling a little looser, more spirited, and especially hopeful. At the same time, you’re not shying away from seeing a matter more clearly, particularly along financial or practical lines. The information you uncover today can be positive, exciting, and perhaps profitable, ultimately.
CAPRICORN: This is a time for approaching your family life, money, and domestic affairs in refreshing new ways and making small improvements that make you proud. Working on boosting your feelings of security and comfort, mainly through innovative approaches, can be successful.
AQUARIUS: It gives a nice boost to your appeal, mainly through the vehicle of your communications or ideas. Agreements with others come organically now, all the while maintaining a strong sense of independence. This can be a time for shaking up the usual routine a little, or for reaching out to someone with whom you’ve meant to connect.
PISCES: You’ve been working under the radar or behind the scenes in recent weeks, although this doesn’t mean you’re hiding out–you’re simply busy working away under the radar. The Sun will move into your sign tomorrow, but for now, you have some loose ends to attend to, and you’re especially innovative and hopeful as you do.