17th August 2018


ARIES: During the coming fortnight, you’ll be reminded that the truth can be very subjective. You might get caught up in a situation which is coloured every shade of grey rather than being black and white, making it difficult to say what’s right and what’s wrong.
TAURUS: Take the opportunity to build a strong rapport with a neighbour or loved one today, so your relationship can deepen. You might have to give this person your moral support, or you may do them a favour which proves how much you care about them.
GEMINI: Beware of getting involved in discussions about anything religious today because you’ll be arguing the toss until the cows come home. Either you or the other person won’t know when to stop, so you end up debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin and getting really annoyed in the process.
CANCER: Watch out for someone who’s being bossy and dictatorial. They obviously think they know best and they can’t understand why you don’t agree with them. But the simple fact is that you don’t and that you resent the way they’re trying to control you. Try to defuse the situation with some gentle humour, but if that fails you may have to adopt a tougher strategy.
LEO: Make the most of your inquisitive mind today by reading an interesting book, watching a fascinating programme on the TV or surfing the web until you can barely see straight. You’ll also enjoy getting involved in an intellectual or mind-stretching debate in which you can test your powers of argument and also display a tiny part of your vast store of knowledge.
VIRGO: If you’re a typical Gemini you’re usually very outgoing and sociable, but during the next four weeks, you’ll much prefer staying close to home so you can be with your nearest and dearest. You’ll also enjoy rediscovering your roots, perhaps by returning to some of your old haunts or getting in touch with people from your past. You’ll feel so nostalgic!
LIBRA: It’s a strange day. You’re feeling rather agitated and irritable, and all sorts of little things get under your skin. However, you may not be able to lose your temper, perhaps because it’s an unfortunate situation or because the other person refuses to take the bait. Get rid of this pent-up angst by doing something therapeutic and physical, otherwise, you’ll feel tense all day long.
SCORPIO: You long to be with loved ones today and you won’t really be happy if you’re with anyone else. You’ll certainly feel uncomfortable, and possibly even out of your depth if you have to spend a lot of time with strangers, although luckily you won’t give them that impression in the slightest. At some point, you’ll appreciate being alone, provided that you’re in familiar surroundings.
SAGITARIUS: There have been question marks recently over someone’s ability to tell you the truth, and they’re raised once again today. Should you believe them? Are they deliberately lying to you? Or are they unaware that they’re only giving you half the story? You don’t yet know but you should tread carefully in the meantime. You should also avoid creating any sort of confusion yourself.
CAPRICORN: End the day on a practical note by checking that your financial arrangements are running smoothly. No, it’s not the most exciting thing you could be doing but it’s necessary, and you’ll be glad to know what’s going on with your money. If you need to sort out a problem, do it now while you’re in no mood to be fobbed off with lame excuses.
AQUARIUS: Have a look around your home and decide whether it could do with some tender loving care. Should you move the furniture around, is it time to do some decorating or is the garden in need of an emergency weeding session? It will give you pleasure to potter around, doing odd jobs and generally taking care of your domestic surroundings.
PISCES: You have stars in your eyes whenever you think about a certain person today. You can see only the good in them and are keen to ignore any faults they may have. You may also be assigning some very high-minded motives to their current behaviour because they seem almost superhuman to you at the moment.