17th April 2018


ARIES: An over abundance of nervous energy may plague you… your best bet is to avoid eating while under stress and seek calm, quiet places.
TAURUS: Today focuses on your friendships, social circle and other group situations that you are involved in. Positive developments are indicated even though there may be fiery moments.
GEMINI: Even though you may experience the normal, everyday ups and downs today, a shift in focus is indicated. This shift points toward your need for love, affection and harmony combined with the healing power of spiritual expression.
CANCER: The sense of restriction or difficulty you have faced, particularly in relation to romantic or business partners, will be lifted significantly today. The good news is you can expect matters to improve even further.
LEO: After a day of pleasure, you may find yourself feeling moody. In fact, the next two days or so may be rather intense, so plan to find a way to release your frustration today.
VIRGO: The steadier you are now, the better: this is not the time to throw caution to the wind and be exceptionally attentive to details. If anything, labour the point and you’ll find in a few days’ time that you are really glad you did.
LIBRA: You may feel as though you’re on a roller coaster and that things in general aren’t going as planned – particularly regarding the home or family.
SCORPIO: Any opposition you could be facing needs to be handled carefully today and you need to pay particular attention to your health.
SAGITTARIUS: Although the influences around now tend to give you endurance and stamina, you do have to watch that you’re not straining your body too much, or trying to force yourself to do things that you don’t want to do.
CAPRICORN: You feel that your plans are finally translating into action. Your accomplishments bring you rewards today in terms of money, as well as further lucrative career developments.
AQUARIUS: Try to keep your energy a little bit more under control. If you scatter in all directions, you’ll end up hot and bothered.. As soon as you try to shift into higher gear you meet immovable objects at the moment, so the solution is to slow down.
PISCES: Today you’ll enjoy the company of those you love, more than you have for some time, along with big developments in your career.