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17 September 2020

ARIES: You are usually fairly hesitant about giving your opinions. But today you are going to assert yourself and your points of view like no has ever seen you do before. People will listen to you, and you will be amazed how much people count on you to show them the way.

TAURUS: You are a sage, or at least you make people think of those Buddhist monks that teach their young disciples how to learn! People are surprised by your silence and your patience, and they are sometimes overwhelmed when in one or two sentences you can show that you have understood everything they’ve said to you.

GEMINI: It could be that someone’s overwhelming need for attention is getting in the way of a close relationship you are involved in right now. There is a feeling in the air today that is encouraging a footloose behavior that doesn’t know when to put on the brakes.

CANCER: You may feel like taking a step back from things as far as expressing your personal judgements today. If sometimes people say you judge people too subjectively, this will not be the case today. Those people would be wrong not to trust the correctness and the perceptiveness of your impressions today.

LEO: Your tolerance, your humanity, and the respect you have for everyone around you, no matter what their position in society or their intellectual capacities, are really in tune with the atmosphere around you today. Some wonderful feelings of generosity and fraternity are coming alive inside of you.

VIRGO: When you were a child, you must have played Blind-man’s bluff at least once or twice; a very emotional game that takes you eyes-closed into another more concrete, tactile dimension. Today your day might remind you of a game of Blind-man’s-bluff, and you should expect to encounter the concrete, tangible dimensions of our world, but you should also remind yourself that you are looking for the essential things in life, as you walk around blind to the world.

LIBRA: You are feeling terribly guilty at the moment over a conflict with a very dear friend of yours whom you probably met about three years ago. This person has really been disappointing you lately, and his or her attitude toward you has made you sad.

SCORPIO: Today, your head will be in the stars, and your feet planted firmly on the ground. Your thoughts are with the planets, and you have a great feeling of liberty inside you. However, the demands of life are pushing you to doubt in the justice of this lowly world. So, if you are in a position as a peacemaker today, don’t let your acts be in contradiction with your wonderful aspirations for the world.

SAGITTARIUS: Most of the time it’s hard for you to believe something unless you see it right before your eyes. However, the period you are in now may be pushing you to try and understand some of the mysteries of faith. Though you probably aren’t one to do this very often, you may be feelings some kinds of mystical impulses that make you think about the nature of your beliefs.

CAPRICORN: It could be that a mental war is brewing in your world today. Thoughtfully charged arguments are being shot back and forth with conviction. Try not to get discouraged. Be sure not to burn any bridges either. Remember that your words may be falling on extremely sensitive ears today. So, be careful with how you use them.

AQUARIUS: You often look on with a kind of disdain at all the latest fashion crazes and the fads that in your opinion are a waste of time. You are a very pragmatic, down-to-earth person, and you tend to avoid letting yourself get carried away by things that will fade just as quickly as they became popular. However, you should know that you can’t always fight progress.

PISCES: Today you could get caught up in daydreaming. You could be thinking about things that you would like to have happen. You might fantasize about winning the lottery or getting a lucrative new job. Or you might dream about a gorgeous stranger asking you out on a date. You’ll be longing to break out of that boring daily routine.