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17 senior Nagaland officers’ files already opened by ED: Bihar MLC


DIMAPUR, JUNE 15: In a revelation that would have far reaching affects on State’s bureaucrats, Member of Legislative Council (MLC) of Bihar and BJP in-charge of Sikkim, Dr Dilip Kumar Jaiswal today disclosed that many IAS officers of Nagaland are under the radar of the Enforcement Directorate for alleged corruption.
“There are 17 senior officers of this State, whose files are already opened (by the ED). Don’t worry, jo Nagaland ko khaayega, woh jaayegaa”, he told media persons here, adding the Central Government is already looking into the corruption in the State of Nagaland.
Jaiswal, who arrived at Nagaland on Wednesday, did not hesitate to say that there is corruption in Nagaland, although he belongs to the BJP, which is a coalition partner of the ruling Government in Nagaland.
He, however, held officers, engineers and contractors responsible for corruption causing major hindrances in the completion of various projects of the Government.
“I did not want to speak…” Jaiswal said when he started talking about corruption issue but went on to narrate how only 15% of the funds reached the Northeast people during Congress regime and how 85% of the funds were siphoned off by politicians, engineers, IAS officers and contractors.
“When Rajiv Gandhi was Prime Minister, he used to say, when he sent Rs 100 to Northeast, people would get only Rs 15 and the rest Rs 85 were eaten by politicians, IAS officers, engineers and contractors”, he said.
Speaking on the BJP’s vision of 3Ps ~ peace, progress and prosperity ~ he said, “If they had not eaten Rs 85, one can imagine where Northeast would have reached today.”
Terming corruption in Nagaland as “cancers” in the blood of officers, engineers and contractors, he said Nagaland can still march ahead with progress, if these officers, engineers and contractors change a little.
“The Officer In-charge of a police station is not going to change, the district Deputy Commissioner is not going to change, Executive Engineer, contractors are not going to change,” he said adding, to change them, the Government has to give them the treatment for cancer.
“It is my Government. That does not mean, I should not say about these corruptions. The Government should take action”, he said.
Stating that the officers, engineers, contractors are addicted to corrupt earnings, the Bihar MLC said just like people get addicted to alcohol, these people are addicted and the Government is trying (to stop). However, he said if the Government acts, no work would be done.
He also said that if Nagaland wants youth empowerment and development, there is a need to stop corruption in the State.
He said the Central Government is sending money and the State Government is interested in development but some people are siphoning off the money.
“If you are habituated, take medicines and be honest”, he said while alleging that half of the officers are not working and earning just by sitting at home. “They think Government job is a security of their career and not of the State. Fifty per cent of the officers think of their family’s strength and not the people of the State”, he further alleged.
The BJP leader was also critical about utilization certificates not being prepared and sent to the Centre.
He said everything depends on the strong will power of the officers in Nagaland. “Unless you send proposals to the Government of India, how can GOI send finances? You are not sending the utilization certificates and this is the weak part of the executive of this State”, he said.
He further said the Chief Minister and Ministers would not be able to do anything as the officers think that the politicians would remain for 5 years.
He also said 50% of IAS officers are not utilizing their brains in the State. “They are like kings. The one who is a servant has become the king and the one who is voter/public is the servant now. Change the style”, he said adding, “Voters and public are the king of the State not the servant.”
Replying to a query the issue of corruption, he said, “I am not accepting the corruption of this State but accepting the addiction of corruption of this State.”
Interestingly, while blaming the officers, engineers and contractors for corruption in the State, the Bihar BJP leader did not mention politicians’ involvement in corruption in Nagaland.
He further said there is a need to strengthen the will power of the officers. Stating that officers are the bridge between people and the Government, he urged the IAS officers to change and be honest, because “you have a great role to play in upliftment of the State.”
Jaiswal, who was here to celebrate the 9 years completion of Modi Government, gave details of the achievement made by the BJP-led Government at the Centre.
Referring to a number of medical colleges built in the last 9 years of Modi Government, he said in Nagaland also there are two Medical College funded by Central Government, which are under construction. He said the medical college will be great asset for Nagaland as there would be around 300 medical students passing out from both the colleges.
He also said there would be facility for B/ Sc Nursing, A-Grade Nursing, GNM (100 seats), Pharmacy (100 seats), Diploma in Pharmacy (60 seats), besides paramedical technicians, CT scan technicians, ultrasound, etc.
“There will be in the new medical college which will open in near future. 50 paramedical course of laboratory technicians, 50 Bachelor in Physiotherapy, 50 for operation theatre and anaesthesia and 50 for other radiology and imaging department. That means the medical college will be asset for treatment and employment. This is great achievement”, he said.
On youth empowerment, he said if youth gets employment, all concerns and even peace movement would be solved in Nagaland.
Stating that employment is a major part of development of any State, he said Modi Government and Nagaland Government is thinking of creating employment in Nagaland.
Replying to a query, he said truth of country is that there is great employment opportunity in India. He cited the example of mobile production in India, which has given employment opportunities to the youth.
He also said that the BJP Government is trying Special Task Force for youth empowerment.
“In next 5 years you will see the rate of youth employment in Nagaland”, he said and cited examples of the doctors, pharmacists, nurses passing out from medical colleges, who would be youths from Nagaland, getting employed.
He said from one medical college, at least 10,009 people would get employment.
Replying to another query on non-completion of medical college in Nagaland he said the budget of one medical college is Rs 600 crore and for construction it would take 3 to 4 year. Unless something starts, it would not be completed.
He said he would speak with the Health Ministry for speedy construction of the medical college in Nagaland.
On a query about the peace talks, he said the peace talks needs to be completed and the issue will be solved.
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