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17 June 2019

ARIES: Be prepared to receive what you’re prepared to give. It’s all about reciprocation now, especially in your most personal relationships. You are primarily concerned with your self-image when that should be the last thing on your mind right now.
TAURUS: You’re fighting a deadline and are tempted to walk away from the responsibility. A short interlude might help you resume your task with a clear head. Believe it or not, your anxiety could trigger a search for answers that you now need.
GEMINI: You are ready to get some recognition now, to bring the force of your personality into your work environment. Some fascinating new people may end up working with you. This will broaden your horizons and your focus to your deeper latent talents.
CANCER: There needs to be a little more give and take in your relationships. Group dynamics are a little complicated at present. You may be taking a piecemeal approach to a specific subject. It is best to give 100 per cent if your intention is to be the best.
LEO: You can sidestep arguments in your personal relationships by being a little more compassionate and loving, even if people seem to be hell-bent on beating you up. Non-reaction is the key to improvement. Someone you’re working or living with has a serious problem and may not be telling you what’s on their mind.
VIRGO: You can shape your life in whatever way you choose. Perhaps you want to increase your bank balance or improve your physical vitality. The choice is yours and you have the energy to do it under these transits.
LIBRA: You may be doing more talking or communicating with others or with the general public during this transit. Meetings and discussions with others may be more frequent at this time include education, learning, driving and travel as themes.
SCORPIO: Your relationships intensify, so remain aware of being compulsive and overly demanding. In fact, this could prove to be an exceptional night of intimacy with the one you love. Your moneymaking ideas need to be practical as well. Only choose partners who are in sync with your life objectives.
SAGITTARIUS: You are innovative today and want to arm yourself with cutting-edge information. Apply your skills in an imaginative way and this will give you the edge amongst your peers. The planets influence your zone of marriage and interpersonal relationships mean someone’s inconsiderate actions could cause you to overreact.
CAPRICORN: You’d love to just slip away from the world today and this fear for a while. Why not? Enjoy your own company, take a step back from your circumstances and reappraise where you are and where you want to be.
AQUARIUS: Property matters may in your mind, but be careful as any commitment in this area may come with unexpected additional responsibilities. You’re receiving mixed signals from your own self about this and therefore need to sound out your feelings about it with someone you trust.
PISCES: Your work now requires neutral service, which means showing no bias whatsoever in terms of the way you work with others. In fact, you may want to stay home so that there is sufficient space for you to do your work in peace and quiet.