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17 August 2020

ARIES: Mercury and Sun are sweetening up your life right now. Unexpected friendships excite, but also complicate things. Everything has to be aboveboard. Someone may not necessarily show their hand. There’s nothing worse than playing the guessing game when emotions are at stake.

TAURUS: Unless you have a specific goal in mind there’s nothing much to explore or look forward to. You must start with your goal in mind before beginning anything. Clearly define what your path and destination are. Currently, your erratic schedule is beating down upon your personal life.

GEMINI: You’ll succeed in your career if you’re more prudent. Along with that, having the courage to pursue your dreams will make the journey more enjoyable. Show due diligence and care in everything you do. A tough project will bring out your best talents.

CANCER: You’re feeling uncomfortable with someone you need to call out on some behaviour. Sidestepping this is tempting, but makes things more difficult later. You don’t need supernatural powers to understand people better. You do need to trust your instincts when you listen to what they’re saying.

LEO: Unfortunately, you may have to bow down to some new industry standards at the moment. You’re tired of toeing the line, especially when those in command don’t seem to know what they’re doing. In your own mind, you believe you could do a much better job.

VIRGO: Emptying your mind is easier than you think. That’s important if you’re worried about something. You need to be activated and focused on something you really love doing. Stop making hard work of things. Try to experiment with mundane tasks and schedules.

LIBRA: You’re going to focus on presenting yourself in a different light. It’s interesting to explore how different looks and colours produce different outcomes. People react to how you dress and speak. Appearance counts a great deal right now, especially with more competition in the field.

SCORPIO: You’ll have to consider some repairs shortly. It might just turn out to be an enjoyable countermeasure to stressful work, especially if it’s cerebral in nature. Renovation is a great way of grounding yourself. Even though it might erode some of your time, there are subtle gains to be had through simple down-to-earth tasks.

SAGITTARIUS: Your social life is on an upward climb at present. It may not have always been that way. It’s particularly difficult if you happen to be an introvert. The challenge is to overcome fear. You’re becoming more interested in the potential for expanding your mental horizons through meeting new people.

CAPRICORN: You’ve finally been able to take things back into your control. You’ve been in a situation that’s triggered different reactions in you. You’re now realising how important it is to rise above the situation. You must tolerate the current situation a while longer.

AQUARIUS: You’re likely to inadvertently say yes to too many people. It’s going to be difficult to deliver on all those promises. Someone along the line is going to be shortchanged. It’s still not too late to re-schedule your time. Lay your cards on the table and be straight forward about it.

PISCES: You’re fighting a deadline and tempted to walk away from some responsibility. A short interlude might help you resume your task with a clear head. Believe it or not, your anxiety might trigger a search for answers that are desperately needed now.