16th September 2018


ARIES: You will chase after that which is unknown, esoteric and mysterious and try to know it. New investments and ventures shall bring favourable results. Trying something new with the help of your trusted people shall be very rewarding.
TAURUS: Right now your contracts could take concrete shape and lead to equally concrete gains and advancement. Stars shall be on your side and you shall get whatever you desire. All the material resources shall be in plenty and you shall be seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses.
GEMINI: Information, ideas, opinions will be exchanged with like-minded people who share your interest. A passionate affair, if you’re single, or passion and intensity in marriage, if you’re already in a state of wedded bliss! You will experience it, and understand.
CANCER: There is no room for doubts and despair. You are aware of both your rights and your duties and want both in equal measure. Today you shall be making investments that will yield profit and gain in the future.
LEO: A spirit of harmony, of identifying with your environment envelops you and, by extension, those closest to you. Contentment brings its own rewards in terms of bonding and love, togetherness and caring.
VIRGO: There will be an originality, sheer inventiveness, ingenuity on display in your handling of people and of contentious issues You are not at all demanding or critical but kind, just and considerate.
LIBRA: You shall concern yourself intensely with deeper questions, undertake further study/training/orientation and gain much in terms of ultimate wisdom and maturity which shall be reflected in your work.
SCORPIO: Pressures in your professional life take their toll and you seek ways to alter the present confines to one of action, excitement and less of the mundane. A relationship that makes you feel restless and confined finds some level of closure.
SAGITTARIUS: Consider the broader picture and new inspiration will provide the key to long-term success. Opposites attract and fire your desire. Today is a day for romance so go ahead and make it a day to be remembered.
CAPRICORN: Some of you might be feeling terribly nostalgic, so go ahead and take a walk down memory lane. As time goes on, you’ll want others to accept your ideas and information, or perhaps some product that you create or control.
AQUARIUS: It will be hard to shut you up. You won’t be afraid to say what you think, especially on matters on which you have thought long and hard. On this fortunate day, you will be able to gather a great deal of support to your side.
PISCES: Balance is the key word for the day. Business partnerships and significant relationships come under scrutiny today. Unpredictable influences rule the day, so stay on your toes.