Page Scope

16th October 2019

ARIES: You need to be with others and to share your talents with those of like mind. During this cycle, you can receive appreciation for what you’re doing and this will bolster your self-confidence considerably.
TAURUS: Your emotional happiness may be temporarily disrupted but this is simply because of your projection on others. Try not to read something into other’s words that just isn’t there because this will complicate your life and cause people to step away from you.
GEMINI: Your self-confidence is very high; you feel invincible. In general, others welcome your energetic and optimistic input, but there is the possibility of being too brash, impatient, or arrogant with others, so be careful not to become overbearing.
CANCER: Reaching back into the past helps you understand the present. If you continually block memories or purposely distract yourself with less than desirable habits to numb your mind and feel, you’ll never find a resolution or inner peace.
LEO: This period may be spent trying to settle differences with others and putting your affairs in order. Be wary, however, as you may have a tendency now to be overzealous when talking to others or not exhibiting enough restraint in certain situations.
VIRGO: Dealing with some of the intense emotional milestones of your life may be overwhelming now. Unless you deal with those issues you won’t be able to move forward. This may be particularly relevant to your social circumstances at present.
LIBRA: Today is a day for deepening your interest in. You may need to also include your family in some of these events as a matter of obligation. There’s a cross over between family and social life but don’t expect this to be a bed of roses.
SCORPIO: Surprises may be in store for you and should mainly be good tidings. Someone may call and calls ask you out. They may strike your fancy and this may also be one of those little surprises. There could be an encounter with someone who in the media or legal field.
SAGITTARIUS: Your mental dragon is fiery. Just don’t singe those around you with your caustic tongue. Hey, it’s great for the debate team but ripping up others leaves you feeling wiped out! With so much mental energy buzzing around you, you can dare to say that something you’ve guarded in your heart and drive your point home.
CAPRICORN: How to deal with the talkative pest today? Hurting their feelings by telling them to shut up is harder than listening to the incessant cacophony of noise that seems to talk circularly about nothing at you. You could sit there and feign interest with an artificial smile.
AQUARIUS: Your mind will be concerned over some financial matter that can’t quite work out for the time being. Remember, there’s good debt and bad debt. The good debt feeds you, while the bad debt eats you. If you must spend, make sure your spending is on quality items that last.
PISCES: Use good judgement in your personal and professional affairs. There’s a tendency to overextend yourself. Far-reaching goals cause you to avoid responsibilities in your current work or social involvements.