16th March 2018


ARIES: Trying new things keeps you interested in life, so if you have been feeling dull and lifeless, this may be just the medicine you need. Best of all, if you are with friends, you can have a shared adventure! And romance is pulsing tonight.
TAURUS: Someone you care about could be struggling with depression, so try to be patient. Your calm and steady presence will be soothing. You don’t really have to say anything… just be there.
GEMINI: You are about to learn some hard lessons in life, but you’ll come out stronger for the experience. This is actually good luck working in disguise for you. Take good care while driving vehicles and handling sharp instruments. Financial luck will be good, as long as you don’t do anything rash.
CANCER: Take a few deep breaths and try not to get frustrated; the next three weeks may find you struggling to express yourself. At least you will have plenty of time to formulate just exactly what it is you want to say! Be patient with your loved ones as they cannot read your mind
LEO: There is no point trying to chase elusive goals. Take proper care of what you already have, so as not to lose it. Consolidation is more important than expansion and information that comes your way may not be reliable. Avoid risky speculative activities as today is not the day to take unnecessary chances.
VIRGO: Today will bring out the multi-tasking expert in you. You will be juggling various responsibilities with consummate ease. Your innate ability to organize things in the best order and charm everyone with your efficiency at work will prove handy. Nothing will affect your rhythm, or your success as long as you play of life by the proper rules
LIBRA: Things are cruising ahead full steam and you are likely to be in top form, both physically and mentally. Make the best of this optimistic period by initiating new ventures, or by taking pro-active steps to brighten your prospects.
SCORPIO: Your social life hots up. Exciting romantic possibilities are in the frame for you. You may experience either a flight of ideas or a deluge of information, so it may take some time for you to sort it all into a meaningful whole. Evaluate suggestions for what they are worth, for only then can you take intelligent decisions.
SAGITTARIUS: Something you have been yearning for will be attained, but only after intense efforts on your part. Turn down unreasonable financial demands in a polite but firm manner. Though this may ruffle a few feathers now, everyone will appreciate your financial wizardry in the long-run.
CAPRICORN: This is an ideal period to take crucial decisions, as you will see things clearly. Relationships should be harmonious, although news brought by some casual visitor or the unreasonable attitude of some stray person may upset you. Don’t let such things spoil your mood.
AQUARIUS: Friends will have good ideas to share with you today – ideas that may well help you achieve some of your most cherished goals. Paying attention to the details will be the key, especially with any financial issues, especially in this difficult climate.
PISCES: Don’t let them rain on your parade. Your own energies are a bit dampened, but good financial benefits came come through the career environment, or the public sphere. Don’t react to emotional pressure, but keep your claws sheathed and kick into cruise mode. Have some friends over from work, as good ideas might bubble up.