Thursday, September 23, 2021
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16th June 2019

ARIES: Conversations with those closest to you can be especially compassionate or inspiring, but you may also need to deal with worry, and this can put a bit of a damper on your mood in the first half of the day. There are some beautiful opportunities to be found today, but some obstacles as well.
TAURUS: Aim to look for the lesson from any critique that might come your way, even if you feel particularly resistant to it. Decisions can be challenging to come by or jumped into too quickly, but either way, it’s about overthinking.
GEMINI: You may be experiencing tension and fear of the unknown related to finances or support. Financial or emotional blocks or challenges may help you discover essential needs or information about yourself and your relationships
CANCER: You have helpful influences with you for making plans, working on self-improvement, and imagining possibilities. You tend to be following your inner guide or muse more often than not these days.
LEO: Helpful, inspiring, or simply enjoyable conversations can stand out for you today. Problems related to work, health, or routines can weigh you down a little. There may be substantial demands on you or people around you can be taking one another too literally.
VIRGO: There can be a new idea that humbles you or opens your mind to an important concept. Even so, there can be some worries or frustrations to deal with in the first half of the day. It’s a time for cutting back or reminding yourself of limits, being careful not to stifle your creativity in the process.
LIBRA: Business and reputation matters are especially relevant to you these days, and while they are subject to ups and downs, some extra imagination and creativity can benefit you in these areas. A more creative approach or method can work in your favor.
SCORPIO: Your ability to take the bad with the good is appreciated and useful right now, dear Scorpio. Certain conversations can be inspiring and uplifting today, while others can leave much to be desired.
SAGITTARIUS: You’ll be in the best shape if you detach yourself from your affairs today, going into the day aiming to be ready to learn rather than to take things personally. Dreams and ideas that you come up with today can later take on substance, and your confidence in yourself will help get things going.
CAPRICORN: Creative energy is abundant when it’s with you today, but there can be some feelings of being unappreciated. Workarounds to blocks or delays today can help you out as you see new ways of doing things and relating with others, but it doesn’t mean you won’t feel the frustration that can come when facing obstacles.
AQUARIUS: Aim to bring something new, imaginative, fresh, or unique to business or work projects, but be ready for some extra attention to practical details. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, aim to slow yourself down and don’t be afraid to enlist some help. Taking a small break from a problem can help you get a new perspective and can ease the pressure.
PISCES: This is a generally great time for coming up with fresh new ideas or adding wonderful, imaginative details to projects and ideas, as your heart is into what you’re doing. You can find yourself on the same page with a partner or special friend.