16th July 2019


ARIES: You’re feeling uncomfortable in the current circumstance where you spend most of your time. As they say, a change is as good as a holiday, even if it is only temporary. Competitiveness is always thrilling and perhaps you can share that thrill in a romantic way with someone who means a lot to you.
TAURUS: You can ill-afford to purchase an expensive gift for someone right now, so remind yourself that it’s the thought that counts. Being with like-minded and zany people will bring you a lot of fun now. This is the perfect antidote to a dull and listless feeling that may be an undercurrent you are feeling.
GEMINI: Positive feelings and high self-confidence make this a good time to go out, meet with people, or get some recognition and support for creative projects. Don’t be afraid to put your wildest ideas on the table. Opportunities to impress don’t always come along that often.
CANCER: You probably feel uninspired and lacking in the energy. This can be due to your diet, exercise or rather lack of, and the general lifestyle you’ve been leading. Pay more attention to these are areas of your life. A simple change can make such a dramatic impact on how well you feel.
LEO: You are totally focused on your goals now and finances, in particular, will reflect that level of focus. You may not even have to work too hard to realise you’ve done something right and if that’s the case, why do it differently?
VIRGO: You shouldn’t be emotional about earning money. If the payment’s been delayed realise that it’s not that far off. It’s also time for a complete physical overhaul which will revitalize you and make you feel much younger. You’ve been thinking of possibly taking the bull by the horns and now is the time to act.
LIBRA: You’ve had a chance to impress someone lately, but you’re only as good as your last hit (as the music industry says). Keep up the effort now and show those concerned that you’re not simply a one hit wonder but can actually deliver the goods consistently.
SCORPIO: Your professional aggression and ambition underpin your achievement today. By simply demanding what it is you want you to mobilise the people and forces around you. Although your willpower will meet resistance with someone else of equal power the cards are stacked in your favour if you can control your angry impulses.
SAGITTARIUS: You need to clearly demarcate boundaries in relationships; otherwise, there’ll be negative consequences. Don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions because if you do nothing those questions are only going to become more difficult.
CAPRICORN: Your fighting spirit is now challenged by circumstance. Just when you felt you had all of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in place, an unexpected obstruction is about to put things on hold. You may need to mothball a project and find something to keep you temporarily occupied until the moment is right again to resurrect your project.
AQUARIUS: You are tired of the cyclic commandments coming from upon high and wonder if there’s any rhyme or reason behind them. You are becoming a law unto yourself and this could spark some controversy especially if you’re out of step with the consensus now.
PISCES: Shared feelings produce more mileage than inner brooding. Opening your heart is the key to opening up your life right now. The ability to know is entirely dependent upon the ability to listen well. Open up your ears to others’ worlds and expand your own universe. It’s a free ride.