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16th July 2018

ARIES: You could spend more time than usual alone and will probably crave a bit of seclusion. It’s a day to reflect and just be happy.
TAURUS: You might come on a bit too strong today when you communicate to someone close about his talents and abilities. You can see the potential and will be impatient at the lack of faith this person has in himself.
GEMINI: Everyone will be on a power kick today. You’ll remain focused on your finances but will have a tendency to want to control someone else’s resources as well.
CANCER: Today you might as well prepare yourself for the change in how you direct your communication style it’s sure to bring. Your words and thoughts take on more grace and will be better received.
LEO: Today is a day of limitation and delay. A disappointment in the way a lover handles money could have you feeling a bit insecure. Iron out the details.
VIRGO: It’s a fabulous day,your personal magnetism is at the max, so enjoy a day with friends in the local area. Or invite your siblings over for dinner, as it will be a night of unrivalled sensual pleasure. Romantic possibilities abound, so you should make the most of it.
LIBRA: Today, you can cheer yourself up by making some exciting plans to look forward to. For instance, you might decide to arrange a visit to a friend who lives far away, or you could start thinking about where to go for your next holiday Even getting together with someone who makes you laugh will make a big difference to your mood.
SCORPIO: You’re feeling quite peachy today.You’ve got a notion that everything will be okay and no matter what, you will be safe and sound. This is a very important feeling for you to have since you’re so security driven.
SAGITTARIUS: Today is one of the best days of the month to enjoy social activities. Those who are single may find love through a group or club, so be open to meeting new people.
CAPRICORN: Your emotions are in something of a fragile state today. You’re feeling uncomfortably sentimental, drifting off into dewy-eyed reveries about the past. Enjoy them by all means but bear in mind that, given your current state, they may have very little to do with what actually happened.
AQUARIUS: Today should be pleasant enough and you should be in good spirits With a spring in your step and a sense of fun you can whistle while you work all day and then enjoy a restful evening at home.
PISCES: This can be a time of great reward but also one of heavy responsibilities. Don’t be surprised if you are given a promotion at work or an important position opens for you. Take a deep breath and prepare to be both flexible and firmly grounded! If anyone can pull such a feat off, it’s you.