16th January 2020


ARIES: There can be a stronger focus on bringing balance and equality to a partnership these days, dear Aries, and this theme is active today. It’s a strong time to recognize the power of your relationships or to connect with others who gift you with a different perspective on your life. This is a fabulous period for feeling more empowered through your connections with others.
TAURUS: You can be quite invested in bringing equality and fairness to your work environment or daily affairs these days, dear Taurus, and this theme will stick with you much of the year ahead. A significant key to feeling empowered during this time involves getting a handle on your daily routines and improving habits, too.
GEMINI: You’re especially sensitive to imbalances of power with others now, dear Gemini, and where there are real discrepancies, you’re motivated to make things fair. You can feel particularly powerful as you develop a hobby or creative project this year, and this theme is in stronger focus today.
CANCER: You have a particular interest in improving your family and home life these days, dear Cancer, and this theme will stick around you for many months ahead. It’s prominent today with the Moon in your solar fourth house all day, and you can be focusing on the ways your personal life empowers you.
LEO: You’re in particularly good shape for talking things through with others during this cycle. Communications with a partner or good friend can be in the spotlight. An opposing viewpoint helps you get to a stronger understanding of your own! Even when you disagree with someone, the thinking that results from a debate can help clarify your thoughts.
VIRGO: money and business matters, dear Virgo, and feeling on top of your practical affairs contributes to a stronger sense of balance and personal power. Look for a way to make the most of what you have or own, whether this is a latent talent, knowledge, or a material thing.
LIBRA: You find it more comfortable and natural to express your ideas and opinions. You’re more communicative and friendly now, and you’re inclined to seek out intellectual entertainment. There can be a stronger need for communication and movement in your relationships.
SCORPIO: Thoughts and conversations often turn to the old days, childhood, home, financial security, domestic pursuits, and personal affairs. You’re in an excellent position for researching, writing, finding ideas, and talking about domestic concerns. Thought processes are inward and intuitive. There can be a lot to learn about –or through– family and close loved ones.
SAGITTARIUS: You may be in more contact with classmates, siblings, and even neighbors during this period. Your curiosity is intense, and while you’re mentally alert, concentration is not quite as natural. You’re more talkative, expressive, interested, and interactive.
CAPRICORN: You can come up with very creative ideas for making money and doing business, and it’s also an excellent time for developing talents, pursuing hobbies for material gain, and establishing yourself in a particular field. You may be fleshing out an idea now with great success. You’re likely to take–and benefit from–a patient approach to your work.
AQUARIUS: This is a good period for attracting romantic admirers or creative projects your way. It’s a time for connecting more spontaneously with others. Still, you prefer to take the lead when it comes to mental or intellectual tasks rather than consult others or collaborate in the weeks ahead.
PISCES: There can be some challenges focusing and concentrating on mundane matters during this cycle, primarily because you are more interested in thinking about patterns, subtleties, and emotional issues. Your decision-making skills and thought processes tend to be more intuitive, inward, and solitary during this period.