Sunday, September 26, 2021
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16th August 2019

ARIES: It’s not the title that matters but the money you make from your hard work. Being obsessed about having a carefree and successful lifestyle mustn’t lead to an imbalanced life. Don’t be afraid to take on an optional role if it works to your advantage.
TAURUS: Expect an unstable state of affairs in your relationship and business partnerships today. There is a danger that you’re approaching money matters from emotional rather than rational standpoint. There’s a risk you’ll explode. It’s better to speak now than cut off someone’s head off later.
GEMINI: It’s a wired, edgy sort of day, with the planets creating some confusion. This is likely to be an intense day so you need to put yourself in the eye of the storm and remain calm. Get plenty of rest beforehand.
CANCER: Take a short break from your work if irritating people overcrowd you. You’ll come back refreshed with new insights. You may hear some tantalising news through a friend but don’t be the one to spread that gossip any further. Secretiveness is your keyword.
LEO: You have the capacity to overcome great odds under this current cycle. On the negative side, you’ll be controlling and find it hard to separate the desire for achievement from control issues. This will be your core focus for some time now.
VIRGO: Choose your words carefully today as there’s power in the sentences you string together. Through the creative use of non-verbal communication, you can make an impact. Sometimes you need to step away from people who are toxic especially if you’ve tried to resolve problems but to no avail.
LIBRA: You may feel emotionally manipulated by someone. Emotional control is common under this current celestial pattern. Only you can allow or disallow this, the choice is yours. Say no if you realise someone is trying to undermine you. You are tired of superficial stories, people and events.
SCORPIO: You’re busy but try to be accessible to others as someone needs your moral support and will appreciate the time and energy you give them. You’re apprehensive about replacing some of your old ways with new ones but the moment you instigate a new course of action, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief.
SAGITTARIUS: If you’ve been hiding it’s time to become more outgoing and to express that creative side of your personality. Getting out and about and moving outside your home turf will expand your mind and give you a taste of different cultures and views.
CAPRICORN: Don’t be a sucker to those who want to use you financially and this goes for family members. You could undergo some sort of loss if you aren’t diligent. In spite of this, it’s almost certain that you’ll make it your business to take on board a position that will up the ante on your weekly income and adds prestige to your daily life.
AQUARIUS: Change is in the air but you aren’t necessarily be motivated. You want to change but see the benefits of staying where you are. Also, to cushion yourself against unforeseen financial difficulties, it’s a good idea to be cut gin cutting back on expenses in the coming days even if you’ve become accustomed to having enough to manage things.
PISCES: There are some inconsistencies in your finances and this continues to punch a hole in your savings as well as knocking the edge off your peace of mind. This can also create confusion in your mind by giving you a false sense of security.