16th August 2018


ARIES: You need to be sure of your facts before stating your case today. Mind you, that’s easier said than done because your mouth may run away with you, and you’ll hear yourself making announcements with absolute certainty while privately wondering what on earth you’re talking about.
TAURUS: Dinner at a new restaurant or with friends and family from out of town will be very pleasurable. Religion and traditions are also comforting and celebrating Bulls will find renewed faith. Matters regarding higher education get the green light, so congratulations to those who graduate this month.
GEMINI: After a potentially tense start to the day, you may want to slow down and spend more time on reflection and introspection. You need to recharge your spiritual batteries. Take the phone off the hook and curl up with a good book tonight.
CANCER: Today is one of those difficult days, Everyone and everything that is important to you will be clamouring for your attention; take a few deep breaths before you dive in. Keep a low profile and avoid conflict.
LEO: Spend as much time as possible relaxing today; you’ll be working hard enough come tomorrow. You may need to recharge your spiritual batteries a bit, so avoid social gatherings.
VIRGO: No matter how busy you are today, take time out to connect with your best friend or partner. This is an important time to check in with the people you depend on. watch out for those who are working against you!
LIBRA: You may be surprised at how the simple act of trying to see another’s point of view can improve relationships. Spending time at home with your favourite person will be rewarding. Your spirituality and depth of perception can increase during this transit.
SCORPIO: Some nasty power struggles may result. Emotional blackmail is very possible; avoid leaning unfairly on others, and refuse to let others take advantage of you. Ultimately, this is a time of changes in your attitudes.
SAGITTARIUS: You might find you’re challenged by a power play at work today, but you can rise above it through your calm persistence. Don’t let renegades and upstarts get your goat… it’s your turn to call the shots.
CAPRICORN: This is a wonderful day for romantic encounters, so take the opportunities that come your way. Do something unexpected and wonderful for someone you care about, especially the young people in your life.
AQUARIUS: Feelings of goodwill prevail, even towards those who are less than kind towards you. This is another fine day for romance, so meet someone special for lunch. You may find yourselves feeling vigorous this morning.
PISCES: What happens today will have a strong influence over tomorrow’s trends, so be sure to follow the Golden Rule. Shared finances may be an issue now; remember that it’s only money after all. Look out for your own interests while maintaining a generous attitude.