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15th September 2019

ARIES: You could feel frustrated by bureaucrats and pen pushers today. You want action, but may be hindered. Patience is your keyword today. You are consumed by work now, and this could make you feel rather irritable and impatient.
TAURUS: This is the perfect time to evaluate your relationships and try to step into the other person’s shoes to understand the position and as well, express a little compassion. You may find that your ideals and beliefs are changing and may even be vastly different from your partner’s.
GEMINI: You could stumble upon information that could make your life much easier now. You might kick yourself once you realise how simple and obvious this material was. Now you have access to it. Still, the trick is to adapt this information to make it appear original and fitted into the context of your circumstance.
CANCER: You must revisit some unpleasant discussion with your spouse or business partner now. You’ve probably been sweeping these under the rug for some time but now you must confront what is probably not a comfortable topic.
LEO: Love starts to peak at present. You’ll want to demonstrate your love and should be the recipient of a lot of affection. Spending time one on one is better than shadowing the group right now. You mustn’t let foreboding thoughts intrude on your experiences during this cycle.
VIRGO: You may meet someone or become part of a group activity that can stimulate this growth. Travelling could come with some decisions attached to it at present for example money being scarce will determine the quality of the accommodation.
LIBRA: You may not believe friends story but how do you confront them about this? You need to do so on neutral territory so emotions don’t get out of hand. Be prepared to change your mind or simply turn your back on an unsatisfactory arrangement.
SCORPIO: Your comfort is on the home front today and the more time you spend there, the better. This can mean beautifying your surroundings, enjoying and reinforcing the closest relationships around you, and generally sprucing up the old castle.
SAGITTARIUS: Throughout this current cycle relationships are intensified now and although you’re excited about this, you can at the same time feel some hesitation especially if your trust has been broken in the past. You experience strong feelings of attraction and desire.
CAPRICORN: By leading with your dreams and ideals, you can induce others to follow suit, even though their goals may not be exactly the same. By putting an extreme spin on an otherwise shaky situation, you can turn people’s heads and get them to accept what is best for the long run, even when it means short-term sacrifice.
AQUARIUS: Take the opportunity to express the warmth you feel and don’t hesitate to display your social charms in a fertile, group context and this can be extended to your workplace as well. Flattery will get you everywhere, so you can safely lay it on thick.
PISCES: You are the sum total of your past and all of the problems you have gone through to help you grow into who you are now. Be appreciative of the problems you have, rather than fighting them. Confidence and magnetism will allow you to make full use of them.