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15th September 2018

ARIES: You will have to work hard to keep up with life’s fast pace, you will be on your toes until bedtime tonight. This is a wonderful day for spending time with friends and neighbours, who will entertain you with humorous tales.
TAURUS: You might start proceedings feeling romantic, creative or fired up. Respond accordingly, but take your time, as information can be deceptive. Make the most of friends and associates by doing something together to enjoy the day. Your imagination is on fire.
GEMINI: This boosts your creative and communicative abilities, urging you to put your ideas into physical form over coming weeks. A visit or good news from siblings or neighbours is in the air, which will lighten your spirits.
CANCER: You can take time to enjoy yourself as well as get things done. A little indulgence won’t hurt either. You might just like to treat yourself or spoil yourself with something special. Get plenty of exercises but don’t go mad on routines or schedules. Just enjoy! A change of mood may come in the later evening.
LEO: Matters that seem straightforward may take a u-turn, pushing you to be flexible and make fast adjustments. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. After an unsteady period things will settle down again, but don’t fight change while it’s happening.
VIRGO: Today you can get things done around the house now. Bathe in the nurturing, loving care that only your home can provide and see how things improve. Family members may also need attention, so that there is some comfort when friendships spring a leak.
LIBRA: Although there is something of a deceptive tone at work, your fundamental power is on the up and up. Express your feelings and put your talents to good use. The power of communication is at your fingertips, but check what you say, lest you say more than you mean, or maybe give the wrong impression.
SCORPIO: Your personal magnetism is high. Taking action to improve your wellbeing and efficiency are favoured. If you are having trouble staying organized, this is a good day to shop for organizers, dividers, and storage compartments.
SAGITTARIUS: Creative expression is strong for you with Venus in your first house of personality. This is a good time to express yourself, so don’t be afraid to air your views. Encourage the exchange of different ideas.
CAPRICORN: Let your loved ones know how you feel. Warm connections between you and your neighbours and siblings can be enjoyed, so find a way to spend time together. If there is hard work to be done, such as house cleaning, you can always make a party of it.
AQUARIUS: You can be at your best, especially if you are planning on enjoying a meal with a romantic prospect, or getting out and about and kicking up your heels. Long term prospects are favoured, so take a chance.
PISCES: It’s a brilliant day, so you can hold your head up restoring your emotional strength and courage. You won’t have to say much to express yourself, but do be aware of your tendency to wear your heart on your sleeve.