15th May 2019


ARIES: Your shadow will need to be confronted now. Whatever you’ve tried to bury is sure to come out, no matter how hard you try to keep it contained. Expect this in a communication matter. Contracts are completed.
TAURUS: Your friends will be enamoured with your ideas today. It’s easy to corral a group of like-minded folk to you and work together towards a humanitarian goal. You are the genius and the leader.
GEMINI: You are acutely aware of the control tactics behind a certain family member’s actions and will be determined not to fall under them. friends could prove helpful in this situation. Talk to them.
CANCER: A flat sort of day is best for staying home and catching up with correspondence, or anything career-related. This of course can be depressing, so gather your thoughts and try writing them down, or possibly just putting some energy into the bookwork.
LEO: It’s time to close the books on contentious matters at home, or regarding family issues. The financial ramifications will come forward over the next few days, so don’t bother with arguments, just do what you think is best.
VIRGO: An alliance with an unusual partner is in the frame. You may also meet unusual people or encounter unusual situations, but be sure to get the ground very clear in terms of the legalities.
LIBRA: Information and ideas may lead you astray, even when supplied by friends. Use discrimination; don’t do the opposite of what you’ve been told. Even if you follow instructions to the letter, things may still go pearshaped. Beware of acting rashly or missing important details.
SCORPIO: The urge to travel is strong, but it might be that spending the day at an ethnic fair, or visiting a foreign exhibition and sampling some tasty dishes would bring the nourishment you seek.
SAGITTARIUS: You become more interested in the dynamics of relationship, especially as they apply to your own personal set of values. You dispassionately observe the manoeuverings and the manipulations of personal interactions with the quiet gaze of your critical eye.
CAPRICORN: It is the best day for you to set out on your chosen path. Cosmic energies are pushing you into the limelight, Stars will be sure to give you a great day out shopping, as everything you need will be just at your fingertips – and you’ll pick up a bargain!
AQUARIUS: A romantic feeling steals over you. A charming aspect increases your intellectual beauty and also deepens your religious or spiritual feelings. Good news from afar, or messages from source increase your contact with the inner light.
PISCES: An element of uncertainty arises re the performance of your responsibilities. Be as clear as possible on what you think your duties are, with respect to what is actually expected by your employers.