Monday, September 27, 2021
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15th June 2019

ARIES: Someone may be forcing ideas down your throat and this will cause you frustration. You need to understand that taking things personally is only going to ruffle your feathers and create unhappiness. While you may be thinking that there is no point playing it safe, you realise that going into battle with your employer is a mistake.
TAURUS: Your home life could be disrupted and if you’re unable to take the phone off the hook you’re going to become a very busy martyr. You may be bending over backwards for everyone thinking you’re helping them when in fact this will snowball over time and cause more problems for you later.
GEMINI: It’s a routine day. Complete what it started before digressing though. Life can feel heavy however because it seems like everything is robotic rather than giving you any scope for dynamic change and variety. During this cycle, transformative processes are in place and it serves you well to look even deeper than you suspect.
CANCER: You are unlikely to sit still and deal with what needs to be dealt with and this may go against your better judgment. You are struggling to be more conservative in nature even though convention is necessary.
LEO: Resurrect friendships even if they seem lukewarm lately. This process requires bravery on your part because a whole new social makeover may mean revealing a few truths to those you love and possibly hurt feelings.
VIRGO: Be careful when making major career decisions especially if you come the negotiations with an attitude! You may feel confident but others may see this as cockiness on your part. You may suddenly find they lose faith in you and your concepts and that’s the last thing you want.
LIBRA: Study any conflicting signals through subtle nonverbal cues from your partner or business associates. There is a wealth of information that is going on beneath the surface and you may be missing what is really trying to be conveyed.
SCORPIO: Avoid being extravagant or indulgent while you are under the influence of this current planetary cycle. You are investigating new opportunities and concepts, perhaps even unusual philosophical and psychological angles. You are tired of being a follower and want to discover the real you.
SAGITTARIUS: You won’t be able to make planned changes in your immediate environment. Not for the time being anyhow. This is a consequence of others having a greater hand in controlling your workplace. You don’t need to take care of everyone around you even if you think this has somehow become your responsibility by default.
CAPRICORN: You can shortcut tasks by looking at innovative ways to do them. Use your imagination to get to your destination quicker. You’re in overdrive mode and need to be careful not to overdo it. Get a clear idea of your objective; otherwise, you’ll waste time.
AQUARIUS: Don’t dismiss insignificant events as unimportant. Sometimes the smallest of happenings have the greatest impact in your life. This also goes for words of advice which may be discovered in the most mundane discussions like priceless gems.
PISCES: Why not allocate time to explore your inner thoughts and to enjoy the company of your family rather than being completely focused on your work. You are better able to come up with ideas that can solidify your family relationships now and this will make a big difference not only personally, but in terms of your work performance.