Sunday, November 29, 2020
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15th July 2019

ARIES: You may be feeling a little more driven than usual today, and you can bring a nice spirit of innovation to business or practical affairs. Today, aim to pace yourself and envision your life direction or career matters in a creative yet structured way.
TAURUS: Your more unique qualities stand out pleasantly, and you can be feeling rather inspired. If you need to break free from the past in some way, today is strong for doing so, as you’re especially forward-looking.
GEMINI: It’s a day for digging deep rather than blindly seeking out comfort objects to fill you up. There can be some sweet bonding going on with loved ones or special and comfortable time spent with yourself!
CANCER: This can be a time of mediating problems or paying particular attention to close relationships. There is a nice feeling of forward motion, and you can benefit from a sense that friends are supportive and in general agreement.
LEO: There can be an opportunity arising that helps you reassess your expectations if they’ve added too much pressure or strain to your life. You are brilliant and creative in your methods, particularly with work, schedules, and daily life today.
VIRGO: Today brings especially forward-looking, positive energy to your life, dear Virgo. You may be putting more than usual effort into your creations or expressing your beliefs and ideas with more faith and enthusiasm.
LIBRA: You’re prioritizing emotional needs and replenishment. New situations and settings are less relevant to you than exploring new feelings and ideas today, and yet there is certainly an emphasis on the “new” when it comes to attitudes, approaches, and methods.
SCORPIO: You could also be very active reviving old projects or interests, and experiencing a creative reawakening of sorts now. Because you’re living in the mind these days, be sure your heart is behind whatever you share or commit to now.
SAGITTARIUS: Look for opportunities that arise due to your confidence in your talents in the weeks ahead. As you help and share, you naturally draw resources your way. The key will be openness to new methods and approaches.
CAPRICORN: It’s a good day for connecting with others in light, happy ways, for finding your voice, and for coming up with new ideas. You see opportunities all around you, and you have charm to spare.
AQUARIUS: At least on an emotional level, you may be keeping parts of you to yourself, and you’re not as accessible for the time being. It’s about reorienting yourself.
PISCES: There is a natural, spontaneous, and creative feel to the day, particularly related to networking, group involvements, friendship, and partnership. There is a natural need to detach yourself temporarily from people and situations that have recently added stress or pressure to your life.