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15th July 2018

ARIES: The force of your will, your mastery over skills and your creative talents will attract good luck today. Despite a potential for conflict of ideas or interests, you have the knack to find a viable solution that will satisfy all concerned. You will be able to maintain positions you have already built up, improving them through the strategies you choose today.
TAURUS: Travel plans may need revision, as unexpected developments intrude. Connections with foreigners are still good, all the same. You are normally pretty practical, but today some brilliant ideas will zoom right out of the blue. Quite inspiring! Dalliances and passions should be put on hold for now.
GEMINI: You will be shining with promise. Romantic potential is high, with an intellectual flavour that adds a touch of chat to the mix. Why not get out for a meal, or enjoy an ethic fair? It’s all good, but the focal point is you!
CANCER: Past events hold vital keys to handling current issues. Think and plan carefully before initiating new ventures. Although your financial luck is reasonably good today, speculative activities are not advised.
LEO: Try not to get involved with the egotistical goings-on that surround you today, especially if the disagreements are to do with money and unwieldy financial commitments. Feelings are not necessarily to be trusted, as the authorities have their rules and they are likely to be inflexible. Things will get easier tomorrow. Rely on long-term strategies.
VIRGO: Your honeyed words will smooth the path for you, whether in your business dealings, in romance, or anything to do with distant connections, foreigners or cultural and religious matters. Hidden obstacles may block the path, but by using diplomacy and discretion, you will overcome.
LIBRA: A family meal with an older relative would be just the thing today. Speculative matters, children and family commitments will come under discussion, especially if they are in some way related to your career.
SCORPIO: Your head tends to overrule your heart now – and quite rightly in many cases. Be very careful regarding paperwork in business matters. Difficulties are in the frame regarding your love-life, or a relationship with someone you care about. Make your motives clear to your loved ones, so they do not harbour ill-feelings regarding the way you handle the issues.
SAGITTARIUS: An atmosphere of enjoyment is rising through the collective. It’s time to party and there is someone waiting there for you. Shake off some of your seriousness and release the Inner Goat!.
CAPRICORN: You are in full view now, as you feel the urge to tell the world what you are all about. Others will back you, so take every opportunity to be centre-stage. Long term goals are well on track, but keep in touch with superiors and clients – and be sure to comply with government regulations. Partners may receive recognition or special promotion.
AQUARIUS: Be conservative in your financial planning, as sudden expenses that are unavoidable may burn a hole in your pocket. Results will be commensurate with your efforts. Party with friends tonight.
PISCES: Legal matters might receive some favourable development, and news from abroad, or from a distant place will be welcome. Interesting developments on the spiritual front are also favoured.