15th January 2020


ARIES: You can be in the position to let go of dysfunctional behaviors, particularly regarding your approach to rest, recuperation, avoidance, and habits with comfort and security. You can be motivated to move forward on something that was previously stuck or hampering your spirit.
TAURUS: There can be a fun element of surprise to the day, or your spirit of openness, adventure, and progress puts you in a good mood and in good favor with others. This can also be a busy time for inventive new ideas, dreams, wishes, plans, and possibilities. Look to friends and group activities for opportunities to mingle.
GEMINI: An opportunity to draw upon your inner wisdom to solve a problem can emerge. You’re bringing inventiveness and unique insight to whatever you’re doing, and you’re more than likely to get credit for it. You are more idealistic than you are practical at the moment, and it suits you well today.
CANCER: You seem to know future trends intuitively, enabling inventive, timely ideas and solutions. A new or improved connection is possible. You’re likely to connect with others who inspire you mentally or with topics and information that similarly motivate you. In turn, others are attracted to your uniqueness and ideas.
LEO: There can be a happy intimate connection, a financial advance, or a workplace improvement that puts you in a fine mood. Others are noticing and appreciating you for your unique input. Problems might be solved, not necessarily through great effort or focus, but through a general willingness to let things go and put things behind you.
VIRGO: This is a good time for connecting with others who inspire you mentally or for a mind-expanding experience. Relationships are enlivened and refreshed with an unusually open approach to one another. You may be attracted to someone with a fascinating mind, or you’re drawing people to you who appreciate your unique way of thinking.
LIBRA: You can also bring a positive, progressive approach to practical matters today, and there can be clear benefits from doing so. Solutions to problems are unlikely to be traditional ones on a day like this, or they don’t come about in the usual way, so it makes sense to keep your mind open to possibilities.
SCORPIO: here is a cheerful spirit of growth that feels good. Others are drawn to your quirkier, more unique qualities, which you’re happy to share. Interestingly, you seem to be attracting unusual and possibly somewhat unreliable people into your life these days.
SAGITTARIUS: Your thinking is forward-looking and confident, and you can approach domestic matters and routines or work in a new and improved way. Alternative methods or approaches to health and wellness deserve your attention now. On the home front, you can be in the mood to change things up.
CAPRICORN: This is a good day for romantic matters, learning, sharing, and connecting, in general. You feel freer and more spontaneous as you interact with others, whether in person or through writing. There can be interesting things to learn from a sibling, classmate, child, or friend. Learning endeavors can be particularly fulfilling and mind-opening.
AQUARIUS: You’re a little more daring and willing to experiment, particularly with your practical, business, and financial affairs that can benefit from a fresh perspective. With openness to new ways of doing the routine, you can have some fun and make progress today. It’s a good time for financial matters and even for shopping or acquiring new things.
PISCES: Your powers of attraction are particularly favorable through your communications today. People especially notice and appreciate your unique qualities or viewpoint. There can be good news received, but it’s also entirely possible that something you communicate, or how you deliver your message, is helping you achieve what you desire.