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15th August 2019

ARIES: Don’t be insular in your social activities. It’s a great time to connect with others. Being inclusive of others helps relationships grow. Invite others into the inner sanctum. Problems brought on by conflicting egos and divided loyalties may threaten your individuality.
TAURUS: Combining your emotions with reason is the best way forward. You might be emphasising your feelings rather than paying attention to your mind. Go on the offensive today. Grab cupid by the neck get him to bring you the one you love.
GEMINI: You mustn’t try to be seen to know more than you actually do. You could be stuck in a conversation where you don’t want to look foolish but by saying too much that’s exactly what will happen. Higher educational activities will be part of your current cycle.
CANCER: You need to be better informed about a subject as you may feel out of your depth. Extend your circle of influence by studying new topics. You could have a minor blow up over a financial matter today, possibly in a store or banking environment.
LEO: Your endless supply of energy means you’re doing the bulk of the work while others sit back and watch. Delegate. You’ll accept a request to help someone but it will turn out to be more time-consuming than you had anticipated.
VIRGO: Although your work seems set to reach a new plateau, you need to harness your energies at present and also mustn’t let your health or that of someone else become an obstacle to greater achievements. Listen to your body signals and have that check-up to reduce your worry if nothing else.
LIBRA: Empty yourself of prior memories otherwise, you may be projecting many of your feelings, including negative ones on innocent people who may not have a clue where you’re coming from. You may find yourself at odds with the person you love most.
SCORPIO: Someone in your immediate family may have a fortunate opportunity concerning their aspirations, education, travel, or legal matters during this period. This may also relate to a close friend. Your challenge under these current transits is to do exactly that and anchor, as well as apply your intellectual and spiritual knowledge to worldly matters.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s time for you to expand your knowledge base whether it’s related to your work or interest recently taken up. You may even meet a new and interesting person while in transit. You have every opportunity to explore and expand your mind and topics that interest you.
CAPRICORN: Although scientific and technological areas are particularly emphasized during this period, virtually any area of endeavour in your life may be affected. You are simply more creative and innovative in your thinking and some of your best creative thinking can be done now.
AQUARIUS: You could enjoy spending money on others, and this will be a gesture of your goodwill towards them. Take note, however, that someone may feel a little uncomfortable about it. If you have lazy offspring in your house, then you need to read them the riot act.
PISCES: Avoid seeming too eager, either in matters of work and money or personal affairs. Too much enthusiasm puts you at a disadvantage with others. One of the laws of power stipulates that you should despise the free lunch and have disdain for the things you can’t have thereby attracting a better deal in the process.