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15th April 2019

ARIES: You’re in great shape for expressing yourself today, and perhaps for enjoying a lucky break as well. Generosity of spirit is a theme. Aim to try something new instead of sticking only with the routine, which will help your creativity to flow.
TAURUS: Family, home, real estate, or your personal life can experience a pleasant boost today, or this can be a time for feeling encouraged and motivated to work on improvements in your domestic life. A sense of inner well-being today can come from making plans for the future that inspire growth and hope.
GEMINI: Smoothing over differences, reaching out to others, extending goodwill, or lending an ear are all favored today. Relationships with siblings, family, neighbors, classmates, and acquaintances can be strengthened or repaired if this is needed.
CANCER: You can be quite interested in improving your lot in life today, dear Cancer, and the key to doing so may be integrity and some level of generosity. Business ideas coming to you today may very well be golden. Show your integrity, faithfulness, and reliability, as these qualities are most appreciated at the moment.
LEO: Today is excellent for growing something worthwhile, whether it’s a business, project, or relationship. Others tend to be supportive of you, and new ventures could be getting off the ground, or existing ones can be expanding now.
VIRGO: You might enjoy a significant personal revelation or a memory, or possibly a new way of looking at an old problem. Alternatively, something previously hidden, such as an untapped resource, can reveal itself to you now, and this is very much a personal gain.
LIBRA: This is a good day for networking and connecting, dear Libra, and you’re in the mood for something a little different, branching out, or connecting with like-minded people. You’re valued for what you do.
SCORPIO: You can be particularly goal-oriented and concerned about responsibilities and duties now. It’s a good idea to reach out socially or professionally. For some, this is an excellent time for making a love connection and for charm, in general.
SAGITTARIUS: The day has every potential to be empowering, as you enjoy a smoother flow of emotions and natural expression. You’re likely to crave a change of pace or a break from the usual routine. You may be teaching in some capacity now, or you could be learning something new and different that’s inspiring.
CAPRICORN: You’re seeking out a little more depth from your pursuits or relationships than usual today, and this approach works wonderfully for you right now. It’s also a fine time for connecting with a friend, possibly on a whole new level. Conversations are brilliant or satisfying now, and your communications come across particularly well.
AQUARIUS: You are more invested in your relationships today, and it makes sense to resolve to approach your day with an open mind and heart. The desire for companionship may be stronger than usual.
PISCES: You’re in great shape for discovering creative solutions for practical matters, and perhaps for health issues as well. There can be particular satisfaction derived from your work or tasks, and an open-handed, generous approach works wonders.