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14th September 2019

ARIES: Looking at yourself with a cool in impersonal attitude is not an easy thing to do especially. Quite the opposite happens if others are pointing out your faults and you retaliate by digging your heels in, refusing to look at what needs to be changed.
TAURUS: Work harder at dealing with your relationships and understand how you’ve arrived at where you are. You can do that and the indicators are positive right now in this respect. The problems you may encounter now have less to do with the other person but are aligned with what’s happened to you in your past especially within your family life.
GEMINI: Environmental conditions appear to have a strong influence on your state of mind and ability to handle your work-related tasks. This also relates to your work impacting your diet – eating on the run, throwing down your meals too fast without a loving connection to the food you’re eating.
CANCER: You have a high degree of romantic idealism at the moment. Your creative expression should also find ample avenues to make an impression on others, especially the opposite sex. Take the time to show affection to your children if you’re a parent and take the phone off the hook so you aren’t disturbed when that burst of creative energy takes hold of you.
LEO: There’s a shift from working with younger people to those more serious or advanced in age. Or, you may seek employment with an older, highly respected and well-established corporation. Parents, influential people, and those affiliated with city government or politics may play an important role in your life or career at present.
VIRGO: Don’t exaggerate any communication today. By the same token, don’t accept other people’s far-fetched stories. Your keyword today is credibility. That being said, an air of secrecy surrounds matters connected with short trips and communications.
LIBRA: Emotional outbursts may be unleashed against those whom you feel are trying either to dominate you or to create changes that are not in consultation with you. This is particularly pertinent to financial matters at the moment.
SCORPIO: Casual good looks are the way to go in personal presentation now. You needn’t dress to the nines to make a good impression, but classic simplicity will give you just the right image to get what you want. Any form of pretense will be seen through the will not work to your advantage especially if you’re trying to secure business and want to make the right sort of impression on your associates.
SAGITTARIUS: Easy dialogues and conferences are on the cards today. With lots of give and take this doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be friends with everyone or hang out with them. You could feel more comfortable doing things via phone or correspondence and email.
CAPRICORN: You’ve got time on your side, but need to be mindful that you could overestimate just how much of it you actually have. You are likely to inadvertently agree to several meetings, simultaneously and not realise you’ve double booked yourself.
AQUARIUS: With favourable answers from people who count, it seems that your opinions and professional services will be sought after now so don’t be afraid to charge a premium price for what is expertise in the eyes of others. Apart from your skills and has a lot to do with the fact that you are caring for others and service orientated.
PISCES: The current planetary energies indicate that your personality can shine now as you have the gift of the gab to help you get to where you want to be. You can finally achieve something that you’ve dreamt of for a long time or at least get the ball rolling now.