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14th October 2019

ARIES: If you have trouble relaxing or unwinding, you might consider adding very simple, grounding, and earthy activities to your day. Offer freedom to those around you for best results today, but also take time for yourself. Watch for too-quick decisions related to money or belongings.
TAURUS: Emotions are immediate and at the surface, but you seem to be setting the pace for the most part now, and it can feel good to be in control and on top of things. Ideally, you can set the pace, because you’re not in the mood for submitting to others’ rules and direction right now!
GEMINI: You’re in fine shape for activities that serve to renew or refresh yourself today. A surprising feeling can emerge, or your instincts for managing problems may be on the radical side. Don’t waste time pretending to yourself that you’re over something.
CANCER: Energies today stir up a stronger desire to be around people, but you still need a bit of space. You’re seeing philosophies, beliefs, or goals that you have in common with someone. You may want to push the usual boundaries and seek out different experiences.
LEO: You are seeking some inspiration today, but don’t let impatience spoil a good thing. Changing attitudes towards others’ opinions of you these days can lead you to want to do something out of the ordinary if only to drive home the point that you answer only to yourself.
VIRGO: You can be feeling a bit impulsive today, and while you should enjoy this energy boost, avoid overshooting or adding more to your plate simply because you feel you can handle it now. Consider that you may not feel the same way later when not quite as inspired.
LIBRA: You’re inclined to go inward today, and you can make it an illuminating, positive experience. Consider that you may be spending too much time reacting to your feelings instead of simply connecting with them. Anger tends to dissipate when you allow yourself the time to feel the emotions of hurt, and this may be a goal today.
SCORPIO: You’re emotionally sensitive to others today, more so than usual. Using this sensitivity in positive ways can be rewarding. Watch for pressure to make a quick decision. The desire for something different can take hold, but you may not know precisely why you’re feeling restless.
SAGITTARIUS: Your energy levels can be variable and very much dependent on your level of inspiration! Avoid pushing yourself too hard, but do enjoy the extra boost of motivation to get your life organized. Surprises are likely today related to work, health, and daily affairs, and this can throw you a little off-center.
CAPRICORN: Small changes can lead to significant improvements, particularly related to your creative world and romantic life, but this can also be about the adjustments you make to your thinking and attitude that have a positive impact on your life. Learning new things about your emotional needs can lead to exciting new beginnings.
AQUARIUS: Too much even of a good thing can start to infringe upon your sense of freedom. Recognizing your need for refreshment is vital since it allows you the opportunity to take charge and make the changes you want.
PISCES: You can be somewhat stubborn about an idea or learning project right now, and there can be some frustration today if you feel restricted or forced to stick within rigid rules. It’s a day for honoring your need for more variety and stimulation, but it’s best not to go too far with it.