14th May 2018


ARIES: Today is a day for home and family. It’s likely that you’ll get the itch to redecorate and spend money on items for your home that give you pleasure.
TAURUS: You will be completely focused on cultivating a talent or ability today that meets your personal standards and values. It will surely enhance your sense of self worth and might even result in the potential for increased financial worth.
GEMINI: This makes for extraordinary powers of communication. Family and domestic matters continue to be the theme, but you have the edge.
CANCER: The idea of controlling others through words and thoughts will be prevalent. You may seem to come on too strong in the eyes of family.
LEO: Just as soon as an old friend leaves the picture, a spouse or partner could introduce you to a potential new friend today. You’ll instantly connect.
VIRGO: Today Stars makes you painfully aware of your personal limitations. You will feel trapped within your own ideologies today. It isn’t pleasant.
LIBRA: Your shadow will need to be confronted now. Whatever you’ve tried to bury is sure to come out, no matter how hard you try to keep it contained. You might need to say goodbye to a friend.
SCORPIO: Today is a day of the unexpected for all of us. This will result in you having a strong itch to get up and go. It’s likely that an out of the blue trip will be the focus.
SAGITTARIUS: You have an over-emotional day ahead and it will have to do with a professional matter. You want to strike a balance and co-operate but at the same time, the urge to be an individual is strong. It may create tension.
CAPRICORN: Today is a day for true love. There is enormous potential now for a new romance. This is a splendid day for romance. You’ll get turned on by some unexpected mental stimulation.
AQUARIUS: It’s going to be one of those days when you stand up to authority and assert your own autonomy. Thankfully, it’ll work in your favour. A sudden stroke of luck is yours. Expect it in a communication project or contract negotiation.
PISCES: There’s going to be some promising news concerning the stability of a legal or publishing matter today. Group involvement is the key to success – you can’t do it alone.